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Full Version: Water Purification Portable DIY prototype
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Started today after the meths stove was finished. estimate over half way complete. Cheap pipe fittings from a local plumbers merchant & a Webtex waterproof stuff sack/water carrier(ordered). 1 Micron tubular commercial filter sleeved onto modified pipework. Activated carbon cartridges made up & push fit into the assembly so can be replaced as necessary. just need an outlet tap and some more pipe fittings tmrw, Also a motorcycle small cargo net with hooks to be used for bag suspension - probably. Similar set up to those advertised on ebay for about £70, but seriously beefed up mass of particulate filter & activted carbon filter. Won't take up much more storage space but will last far longer and replacement filters can be put together a lot lot cheaper.
This is old tech, even the Egyptians were using it thousands of years ago (non activated - but basically the same just less efficient). I resent paying through the nose and having to bend over to companies for kit like this, just because some fancy words are used and the product may look a bit slick to some people. I can be my own worst pain when it comes to buying stuff, because the more I research the item, often the more I think - "I could make that" - and so it goes on....IdeaBig Grin
Got back on the project today. Finished it - all spick & span.. Is very similar to the drinkwater systems set up with the hanging bag. Even got the same bag. I have left it on test overnight hanging in the workshop. The particulate filter has about 100 times more capacity than the commercial one and I was able to source a nice little purpose built flow container for the activated charcoal. Have simplified the number of component parts from my original prototype. Looks v.professional so am well pleased. Have ordered a better quality trilaminate water bag in black to make up my next one. I think I can improve it beyond its present design. Cool
Photo time mate.
This is a really interesting project, if you could find the time to do a tutorial with pictures I'd be really interested in making one. Great job

TL, Why don't you make a complete article with piccys and I'll post it on the main site.
Ok Ok... I didn't get round to photoing it today due to another 2 projects I was on with & I didn't find the camera till gone dark. Now where' s that new nightvision scope??Big Grin
It is working ok, but I am going to mod it a bit more. Simple mods - to get the flow higher and a better bag trilaminiate is in the post.
I will post it up on the site when I am happy with it in the near future - prob next week now. TL
Temporary photo's. I will be improving this item shortly B4 any tutorial. TL.

Looks pretty good. How's the water tasting?
Looking forward to the full tutorial good job man.
I havn't tasted it yet. So far I have only been filling it with tapwater in my workshop, to get it up & running. I am going to alter it to improve the flow rate. When it is finished, then I will test it out properly. TL.
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