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Full Version: The Bush Craft Show 2012
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Might be of some interest -

2-4 June 2012
Elvaston Castle and Country Park, Derbyshire
£25 Sat or Sun
£20 Mon

I've put it in the Calendar
Nice one Jan!!!

I'll be there for sure!
Don't anybody do cheap anymore.
(26 April 2012, 08:48)Paul Wrote: [ -> ]Don't anybody do cheap anymore.

You are in the wrong country for that mate.

Tell me about it!
The Link has changed:
It's right over in Nottingham. TOF will be happy with that.

Only 2.5 hour drive, so I'm still going. If any Bristol preppers want a lift, or even if some Hagrid Lookalike from Devon needs a lift, drop me a line. If you can get to Bristol, I'm happy to drive if you can drop in a little for fuel.
We got a definite list of attendees from SUK yet?

I'm going with the missus, sproglet and the pup. We'll be the ones in the circus tent stashed away in the corner. You'll find me in the beer tent when the sun goes down...

Be good to have a mini RV here. Sooo, if you're going let us know Smile
Bloody hell that's expensive.