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i get very fed up when the TV and newspaper label EVERYONE on benefits as dole scroungers, many people EXIST on a very small amount of benefit and you NEVER hear about these ones its just the ones that abuse the system that are the ones in the news, when i was on Jobseekers i never knew anyone that was getting any more than i was , which wasnt much.
(13 August 2012, 11:13)NorthernRaider Wrote: [ -> ]the only way to save the nation is to leave the EU, scrap the welfare state and cut the NHS to the bone.

Already in place my friend. Thankfully I've got a good contract at the moment, but the ones that are coming up are only for 3 months at a time and offering £120-£160 a day Sad
Not a good time to be a contractor for the NHS. Although hopefully I might be able to weasel my way into the DoH soon, I've been doing their work for 'em for ages!
i dont trust our government(whether that is con/lib dem or labour), their all in bed with the EU, that wonderful(NOT) club that costs us £53 million per DAY, i dont think 9/11 or 7/7 were inside jobs( only in the fact that the terrorists were INSIDE this country), has nobody in govt ever heard the term "Fifth Column" that was used in WW2? it was 9/11 and 7/7 that got me started on "prepping" although i didnt know the term at the time. NO, i dont trust the govt but thats OK cos when TSHTF and the whole house of cards comes crashing down, they will not have enough Police or Army(82,000 soldiers?) to control the whole country and will probably retreat and fort up in Londonistan and leave the rest of us not in cities to get on with it as best we can. they want people to live in cities so they can control that population, do as you are told or you wont get access to food, water, fuel,electric, sewerage. that why many people including the great James Wesley Rawles have told people to get out of the cities when you can and while you still can.
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