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Full Version: Hunting Dogs What Have You Got?
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I have too ancient and very much retired Lurchers and a pair of Black Labrador Retrievers that will retrieve fur and feather but I use them mostly for the tracking of deer and injured deer recovery. I just need to work out how to do photo posts now!
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Nope that won't open...try again!

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That works!
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Muntjac Deer are very good eating and small enough to put in a Bergen style bag.
I have three German Shepherds, one of them is great at air scenting the deer on the hills,... I dont allow her to chase, but I know that she would if I allowed her to,... but if at any time I want to find deer she will take me to them,..[ Red Deer ]
Own a staffy hes got a fox finding nose, dont let him chase them,not many deer in the city Sad he also helped the police find a man in a bush once
Aah Chinese water deer the bastards are everywhere up here, only a couple of months ago a suicidal one took the front of a van near here.
I've got a Were-terrier its a pervert, can sniff out anything, like to eat cats, or hump them to death.
I've got a cross breed. Pure Heinz 57. Only thing she chases are cats but I'm sure she could be trained. Like Metroyeti said, not many deer around our neck of the woods Sad
Theres a red stag at the rising sun park
Chinese Water Deer? N.R. I wish! Too far North, but I'm hoping that they will spread out a bit more. These fellows are Chinese Muntjac and we have a lot of them in the Midlands. These two were shot not a 15 minute drive from the city centre. Many of these deer are being pushed into the towns because their isn't enough food for them in the countryside especially in the winter. These little 'Munties' are real survivors their form hasn't changed for millions of years. People just don't see them though although they are widely spread in the centre of the English Shires.

The Labrador is called 'Mildred' which meanings 'Gentle Strength' in the old Anglo Saxon language. She hunts with me, walking silently at my side until we come across a deer; most of the time she air scents the deer and indicates with a 'point'. When I'm in a highseat she lays beneath it and is very still, I have had deer walk right past her. She is trained to track deer and if a shot deer still has some fight in it she will pull it down or hold it at bay.

I intend to write a few dog and deer related articles on this forum and I hope that you will all have the time to read them. Should the world turn upside down then you can't go wrong with a good dog and knowledge of deer movements.

Thanks for all your replies, I see that I'm in good company here with all these dog lovers.
Don't have a dog at the moment but I grew up with black labs, lurchers, jack russell terriers and alsations. All were working dogs or guard dogs. Nice looking lab you have Wink
Thank you Pagan Mist, yeah she is a smashing girl. You must have had a great childhood with all those dogs. I'm hoping to get a Belgian Shepherd next, but I will always have Labs as well. I could also do with a Terrier....Dogs are like tools you should always have a few around, different sizes for different jobs.Wink
My father was a gamekeeper on a largish estate, so I was taught to shoot when I was able to hold a 4/10 I can skin a rabbit through to a deer I can also fish. When I'm able to get a dog its going to have to be a type of protection dog as well and although I love labbys I think I need a rhodesian ridgeback or dogue de bordeaux, then again I may still get a lab.
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