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Full Version: Billhook
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What do you think of Billhook as a general survival tool? I was thinking of tying para-cord, a button compass, and a flint striker to the the handle or sheath of the billhook. I currently have a hatchet with the same thing, would the billhook be better, as it has a bigger blade to skin etc. But still some ability to construct shelters and process wood. What do you think?
Personaly I dont think so,... Generaly I think a Billhook is rather a heavy tool,.. and is certainly far to big for skinning,.. you need a far smaller knife for that with a blade sharper than could be got from a Billhock.

I have never held button compasses in high regard,.. even worse if you attached it in that way, because the blade would effect the compass anyway

Certainly a billhook has its place though, great for building your shelter or dealing with firewood,.... but just not as a `one time, all in one survival tool`
Thanks. What could be an all in one survival tool? And what about a sharp boot knife attached to the case of the billhook sheath?
a Billhook is great if your doing some hedge laying but i dont think its really a survival tool, i think a safer bet would be a machete for heavy work and a thin bladed knife for the finer tasks.
You have to be careful that you dont get the two mixed up,.. a survival knife is simply that, usualy a good quality folded [ or not ] locking blade, it doesnt need to be a long blade, as long as it has a good blade,....and we probably should all have one,... it may need to be accessed quickly, so I wouldnt want a boot knife

All other blades usualy have a set job, we have covered your Billhook,... a machette, a simular tool, great for spliting logs and a lot lighter than a Billhook.... many people like a good lightweight axe,.again great around a campsite

There isnt such a thing as a one piece tool for all jobs,..
I second what BigPaul said. For a good utility blade that you can use with the minimum of training and care, you will do no finer than buy a good Machete, it can be used for a wide range of camp/agricultural/defence applications. £20-50 will get you a good blade, but also a secure handle and full tang construction.
highly recommended blade