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did anyone see this last night history channel 9oclock series ,bloody good guys love the way they live give it a look
can,t get the channel sat only....shame there you go mate
(24 January 2013, 12:01)Straight Shooter Wrote: [ -> ]can,t get the channel sat only....shame there you go mate

maybe you can see it on line mate
i think its on Youtube!
only seen the trailer for it on youtube

not sure if this link will work
Funny enough, I have just come to the computer after watching it,.. I taped it,.. the first episode was a bit of an introduction for all the different guys,.. I think it squares up to being a good program
It appears that the mountain men are not all they claim to be, mmmm

The History Channel has attempted to expand on it's "reality TV" theme along the lines of "Swamp People" or "Axe Men" but the newest edition "Mountain Men" really misses the mark. Promotions suggest viewers will learn how to live off the grid but none of the featured "mountain men" actually do that. Tom Oar lives in a very comfortable modern home in the Yaak Valley of Montana. Marty is an Alaskan trapper who does spend part of the year in a remote cabin but flys home to catch his daughter's ballet performance. Eustace Conway runs a sort of New Age, back to the earth hippie commune where people pay big bucks to visit the remains of an old farm.
The producers try to make high drama of every day activities. Will Marty finally catch something? For three episodes he has not. Will a bear eat Tom's dog? With deep snow the bears should be in hibernation. Will Eustace be able to cut enough firewood to pay his taxes? According to his web site he charges $650 for a person to camp five days on his land.
Here's a clue for the producers, "real mountainmen don't have web sites". LOL

in TV land is anything real?????
(26 January 2013, 11:25)Tartar Horde Wrote: [ -> ]It appears that the mountain men are not all they claim to be, mmmm

in TV land is anything real?????

nope, its all about "ratings", dontcha know?Big Grin
I am unable to get it, not even on the computer. I am very wary of what Television produces and do not trust these productions as being truthful. I could walk up Ben Nevis and light a fire, make a meal and do one or two other things be filmed doing it and tell a whole lot of lies, and the Sheeple would believe it. Bear Grylls comes to mind. Take many of these things as entertainment. Your only way of knowing the truth is to live it yourself. I used to camp in the snow when we had it. A great experience. The first night I ever done it I froze. I had a very good nights sleep the second time and ever since. Kenneth Eames.
I carnt get the whole episodes Sad just watched a clip on youtube about canning/jar deer meat
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