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In the summer, I carry a tarp instead of tent on my survival bag. I am looking for something very compact to raise me of the ground. I have read that some people buy a camping foam mat, and then cut it in half so it just supports there hips up, and then use their day clothes in their bag for their feet and legs. I have got an inflating camping mat. Very good, very comfy, love it. However, it is quite large, and I am trying to carry less. What do you guys think? Should I carry a bit more for comfort, or buy a £10 foam mat with a shiny foil side, and cut it in half?
Well Dojo that's what I do. Generally you can always find something else to go under your legs.

Alternately you could go for the option of making your shelter and sleeping platform. I always find this way more comfortable if I have the materials available.
dd hammock, just bought one my self. £22.50 plus 5 delivery. well worth the money. high in a tree, low on the ground, set up in urban areas for just a more comfortable way of having a brake or watching the world go by. realy small n light. although if in winter and u still want to travel light n warm i'de go with a bivi bag and raise your self off the ground like mtron rightly said. hope it helps d97.
I haven't tried it, but maybe bubble wrap would be good,.. you can get a lot of that into a small space, its very light, and filled with air that puts a barrier between you and the ground, fact I might try it myself
get a bivvy bag or a hammock, ditch the tent entirely, too weighty.

a hennesy hammock with tarp weighs sweet f.a. and takes up sod all space too, not to mention the take down and pack up times are literally 1 minute xD

bivvy bags are compact light and should cope with anything, long as you dont mind sleeping in a big bag xD
I use something similar to this

its a 3/4 self inflating mat, can even be used in a hammock if you dont jiffl around too much
I think I will buy a hammock, and use it with the waterproof sheet/tarp. Are the netted ones alright? The ones on ebay are only about £5. Or should I spend £20 on a nylon, semi-waterproof, one with a fold over sheet? Thanks
personally i'd go for a decent nylon hammock (something like this
and a small lightweight tarp and pitch it like this
[Image: 7380635_63016_full.jpg]

if its really horrible weather, just make the tarp come down at a steeper angle so you get more sideways protection.

but if you wanna shell out some more money and get a real nice hammock, i've been eyeing up the hennesy hammock for some time, i've read countless reviews and videos and from everything ive seen its freaking excellent (though its about 100 quid, but it comes with its own tarp and has these "snakeskin" things that means it takes like 30 seconds to pack the whole hammock away and keep it really compact) heres the website , but its not loading for me right now so it might be down Tongue....but heres a video that shows a bit about it
Hennessy are the dogs danglies. DD are good too. I went for DD as I didn't want to splash out over £100 on a hammock, no matter how comfy they are! I'm 6'2 and fit in mine alright. String it low to the ground, makes trying to get in it when you've had a few bevvies round the fire much easier. And there's not as far to fall. Go for whoopie slings whatever system you go for, much quicker to set up (when you've got them installed)

Don't buy the £5 jobbies from fleabay - sit down too quickly and you'll find your arse rips straight through the material and you land flat on your back. Not good!
Comfort is something that is unique to everyone. I would try them out till you find something that is comfortable and you can use easily. Hammocks are not for everyone. I'd rather carry a few extra pounds and be comfortable and able to move quickly than save on weight and get stuck trying to get up when under attack.
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