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Anyone know where the best place to get washable nappies and female hygiene products from?

If seen a few on the web but not being an expert I wondered if anyone has used any and had recommendations.
That's one for you ladies

I believe they ship to GB or have outlets there.

These are the same folks as Toy R US except for the babies.
Both my babies were raised on cloth diapers back when the disposables were considered a waste of money and show of an uncaring attitude toward the child.

The trashey way out.

Now things have changed and the cloth variety diaper is difficult to find but there are 50 brands and styles of disposible to choose from!

With the feminine hygiene products you are on your own!

I know the historical aspect of what was done "back in the day" but that is not something I want to go into on open forum.
Ever consider making female hygeine products?
Not tried it myself as the other half didn't like the idea of washing them.
I don't think there are any washable female sanitary products on the market - I could be wrong. It used to be the norm to use pads of rags and just rewash them - rather medieval I suppose. You could hit on a niche market there!
Yep, use cloth, wash and reuse. Fabric was expensive.

The washing and drying of sanitary supplies is where we get the term "hanging out the dirty laundry in front of everyone."

The washing was hung behind the house hidden from passers-by.

this was the standard until only a generation ago, just like with the disposable diapers.

How soon we forget!
Buy natural sponges and a little bit of ribbon can be attached to them. Apparantely they are very comfortable to wear, washable and dont take up much space as boxes or packets would. As for nappies, I bought them years ago, son now 24, Zorbit nappies which were the best back in the day. Maybe online or cash and carry's may still have them. You use little disposable nappy liners with them so there's not too much staining. You would also need a nappy bucket, milton sterilising solution and they also make good rags for dirty jobs, no pun intended !!
Dont know bout real nappies. My kids have grown up and fled the nest. I never thought that empty nest syndrome would be so bad.

With regard to menstruation - you have to think laterally. Why think of material? Think washable menstrual cup.

Check "menstrual cup" on and wkipedia

Hope that helps sweeties
My wife always says the most hideous product ever created for female sanitary purposes is called a Moon-Cup.

I'm not providing links or the alike, as she'll kill me if she finds it on my search history (she doesn't check, but I'm not taking the risk of her thinking I got her one for her birthday next month haha).
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