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Full Version: Feed yourself for £40 per week
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Good find uks and very useful some tasty food !
Bear in food prices are raising all the time at the moment but this can be offset by what you can grow yourself.
The mum in law made me laugh she looked at something in the supermarket and put it back, after a rethink she decided to go back and get it. She swears blind that the price had change since she first looked at it by a few pence.
Surprised by how much meat there is (although I bet the sausages used have some question marks around if they are meat or not!). Also good that it has the recipes.

^^ That one does not have the recipes but does show what to buy for a healthy diet on £15 a week.
The craziest thing is that since food prices are going up, growing your own food is the equivalent to growing your own money....and yet there are people that have not realised that yet haha.
Anyone notice all these stories of food waste, growing your own, cutting on consumption, how much to spend on food per week etc.
I feel something is in the air what do you think?.
Just TPTB trying to prep people for potential run away inflation and a continued rise in the cost of food.
Not bad stuff me and the Girlfriend usually aim for £40 - £50 a week with most things lasting for other meals as well
Very much tailored to the meat and potatoes crowd with the emphasis on potatoes and other carb heavy consumers.

Spicing up the cheapest carbs one can find might not be the answer! Perhaps ok in an emergency situation where every carb counts for survival, but not in todays laid back sedentary world.

Follow that list for a month and you blood sugar will be off the charts.

If I ate that menu for a week I would put on 10 pounds and would continue to do so until I resembled a parade balloon.

Fast food alone is not the reason our societies have gone obese, it is the recommended diets that are killing us.

Throw some greens and veggies in there and avoid the vitamin deficiencies and scurvy.
if you want decent meat DONT buy supermarket meat, its crap and gristle and tasteless, buy from a reputable butcher, farm shop or small holder, cut the portion sizes if you have to to fit your pocket but dont skimp on quality.
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