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(15 May 2013, 23:05)Anything Really Wrote: [ -> ]If you can choose only one form of shelter what would it be?

I'm yet to buy one for my BOB so I'm very interested in your views.

Gore-tex bivvie bag in DPM
I would only use a tent if I really needed to. Would rather stop early and set up a lean to or wigwam. I always found that even camo tents are too easily spotted. I am big in staying invisible.
If we are speaking of a "bug out situation" where one is in danger, I want no tent.

The last thing you want in the world is to fall sound asleep inside a closed shelter. It's sure death if you are found, unless you are with a group and guards are set out.

In the Army I carried a poncho and quilted liner, rolled up in them and usually leaned against a tree or down in a well dug hole to catch a few winks if it was possible on patrols.

After 30 years of civilian use I wore out the poncho and replaced it with a silon tarp.

Even backpacking I do not carry a tent, especially when in bear country. I don't want them sneaking up on me and batting me and a zipped up tent down the hill into a gully.

For general car camping they are fine, take your pick, there are hundreds of good ones out there at fair prices.
I fancy one of those tepee type tents with one pole made out of 2 button together ponchos, sort of dual use.
For an overnight or bug out scenario, IMO it would be wise to have a type of shelter that could be carried on foot with the rest of your gear if necessary.
I've got a good warm bag but she doesnt like camping Smile
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