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Full Version: Are morals and ethics affordable?
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Here is something to think about.

There are many areas in the West where we turn the other cheek or pay people to do something because it seems the right thng to do. It may have started off right, we want to help our fellow human beings but when they turn around and abuse our good will and refuse to keep up their end of the bargain should we continue?

I'm not a turning the other cheek guy but I still have my morals and to be honest I am starting to find them a hinderance in todays world. Curse mt parents for instilling morals into me and a conscience to monitor.

As the world starts to close together around groups as it always does in a crisis our morals shift and become pliable. Morals are less of a concern and it shows in our society.

The part I find disturbing is I don't see it being an issue although I still try and adhere to mine but am now unwilling to judge those that don't in minor issues.
Stuff morals, family and tribal links supercede moral obligations, I'm old enough to know that being a good christian will assure that you get fed to the lions. Your either a prepper or prey, my obligation first and last is to ensure I have food, water, shelter, clothing and a future for the children of preppers.
Thank your parents never curse them.

1: Morals to our group (I will take from others outside of the group or not give supplies, to keep ours alive, knowing full well it could mean death to the other group).

2: Morals (I cannot take from the other group as I know it could mean death to that group)

In post shtf we cannot afford to have our good will abused, or a refusal of others to keep to agreement, or the threat that negotiation can bring, so we have a moral duty to our group to not allow this.

But then we are human and do we not care for the other group, this would be morally correct and also morally incorrect.

Pick your morals, how big will your world be post shtf.

I'm with you there.

Socialism is working. I'm already looking at who has more than me and planning to take it. Smile

Just joking. I've already been thinking about my morals and the one I'm finding most inconvienient is being charitable. I'll still be charitable but only to those I know and/or those that deserve it by helping themselves and preparing or those that can provide massive benefit such as a doctor.
I think what is very important is the ones you know now won't be the same when they are starving, and facing death, everyone is potently a threat, we should not judge people as are now I would think we would have to reassess old friendships under post shtf stress.

Agreed. Even certain family are suspect under those conditions. I read every day about family knifing each other in the back over the most stupid thing.
I have actually done starvation training with my family, it’s not a nice thing, we did 60 hours that’s 2 an half days and two nights, it was an "experience" for want of a better word. Target was 3 days as I have been told it takes 3 days for our body’s to get used to the idea of not eating (shock) but I felt it was time to eat.

I am not going to rush doing into that again, with the kids as this was no food and ration water, no power and no heating it was one of the more serious preps we tried, and it was winter.

My daughter is here with me, I quote her:

It was horrible I felt like I did not want to do anything, I was generally pissed off and angry, was tired slept more, I felt stressed inside and felt weak.


I often turn of the power to my house and have nothing but our preps to live off, and hard rationing in place I recommend doing that to all here if you don't already, 3 days is a good time span, the more we do this the less stress after an event, we have to condition our young.
I agree but it sound like you have taken it further than I have. There must be a badge for that Smile

I'm working on an article for tonight about switching off the heating. Just the heating. I think most people will find that an interesting test.
(7 December 2011, 13:46)Skean Dhude Wrote: [ -> ]I agree but it sound like you have taken it further than I have. There must be a badge for that Smile

I'm working on an article for tonight about switching off the heating. Just the heating. I think most people will find that an interesting test.

My god you saying just turning of the heating makes me feel extreme, I see what I do as normal and correct, I see just turning off the heating as liberal prepping, very PC let’s turn off the heating and rough it haha.

SD this is not your thinking right, you don't see that as a test?

I was talking about the starvation training. We prep so we won't starve.

As far as the heating goes I had a short stress test prepared for that and you triggered me posting it. Sounds like it would be a walk in the park for your team.
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