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Full Version: Crazy Project...Aeroplane!
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WOW, this one has caught the whole group by surprise.

I was enjoying some crazy thoughts and started athinking....hmm, I wonder how difficult it would be to build an aeroplane.

As it turns out, there are many different plans available. So, our office is starting to look into building an aeroplane. Only a small one, but it'll be fun, and the potential for having it as a prep is massive!
Interesting, but I'm not convinced on its usefulness as a prep?

The load carrying ability would be pretty small for example and I would guess it would struggle to carry anything more than you and your wife, so then you are leaving your preps and supplies as well as the security of the area you know....

Also why would you realistically need it?

Where would you go and why?

You would also not exactly be keeping a low profile, as soon as you land you would be a target for anyone from miles around and would probably be set upon pretty quickly......
The only possible reason I would want a plane after the BIG ONE, is so I could rain Napalm on the bastards below, and conquer HUGE tracts of land, subjugate the population with taxes and control the hordes of plebs. BUT WAIT!!!! isn't that what got us to this parlous state in the first place?
Possibly one of the most mental posts you have ever done Scythe, but at least you aint boring.
I think a boat would be more useful.
I would agree that a boat would be useful Steve, but only if you're travelling over water. A plane can travel over water and land.

It's 50% fun project for the lads on the office, the other 50% is consideration for prep.
I take it you've got a pilots licence then Scythe?
Why not shrink it and instead make a drone. Might be more usefull and easier to fly. Ever need to bug in and get intel from the surrounding area.
One of my pals has built his own plane, registered it and still flies it regularly. He thinks it is easy enough.

But I question the benefits when there will be loads around after an event if you have the fuel and the ability to fly.

In theory though this is no different from everything else where you build it you can repair it and maintain it.
(2 July 2014, 10:37)bigpaul Wrote: [ -> ]I take it you've got a pilots licence then Scythe?

Nope, but I'm having lessons.

One of the lads in the office is a trained pilot and is going for his instructor's certificate.
might be easier and cheaper to go for the drone idea rather than a full aircraft(said as someone who prefers to keep his feet on terra firma) also post SHTF as SD says its the availability of air fuel-I don't think you can bung an old fuel in it, and there is also the chance of getting shot at from the ground, if you are close enough in a small plane to see them then they can see you too. also there is the noise angle too, especially post SHTF, these things are inherently noisy and we will be able to hear them for miles.

anyway, good luck with your project.
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