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Full Version: Aquaponics: The Update
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Recently my major project has been an AP set up using an IBC to keep fish and using a pump to move water into a solids filter/sump which then then flows into my grow bed thanks to gravity.

The water gets filtered more thanks to the plants and beneficial bacteria in the growing media. and when it reaches a certain level a bell siphon activates and pours the water back into the tank which aerates the water for the fish.

the most difficult part of the set up is the siphons which aren't up to par yet. one fires everytime but another just refuses unless i manipulate it. i made them out of small guttering pipe.

I am hoping to get more and more self sufficient and this project will hopefully supply me with some good food.
Same as the insect farm post, any pics mate?

Really good project to get into. I'm hoping to get 2 more IBC's and to develop a 4th into an AP system.
Noot so many pics at the moment (opsec). It is in my garden but i will try and get more tomorrow.

This is a bell siphon i used large pipe for the outside and drilled loads of tiny holes to stop the media coming through. i then used 2 inch diameter pip to create the bell. When water rises up it reaches the top of the standpipe inside the bell (22mm pipe) and starts flowing over the top sucking out all the air creating a temporary vacuum that sucks all the water down into the tank.
[Image: image_zps07e98fd6.jpg]

Is there nothing a poncho can't do?
[Image: image_zps20bd8cb5.jpg]

The poncho is just temporary until i get more shade for the fish. Going to get reeds.
i used a cut down IBC for the tank with black pond liner to reduce algae blooms. The blue barrel is the filter/sump and the pump pushes water up into it and it over flows into a pipe into the beds.

More pics tomorrow
Pond liner is a really good idea! I was concerned about the algae myself, but figured I had time until I was aquaponic-project-start ready.

I remember you were looking at perch...I think?

What kinds of plants will you be able to grow with a perch nutrient base?
I have courgette, chard and peppers at the moment. I am waiting till the weather cools before starting lettuce

This is the pump I have got going at the moment. I went bigger than I need so I am able to expand
[Image: image_zpsd0078b19.jpg]

This photo is where the water returns to the tank

[Image: image_zpsd0078b19.jpg]

The water falling helps aerate the water in the tank.

These last pics are just a couple of other angles
[Image: image_zpse64ddbf0.jpg]

[Image: image_zps0608d9f4.jpg]

If I were to do it again I would partially bury the tank and get a bigger green house (It's 6x8)

Any questions just ask and I'll try and help

My bad. The second pic should be

[Image: image_zps156f19ab.jpg]
That's awesome!

How many fish have you got in the tank?

Are you going to do a multi-level system so you can do one section as seedlings, another as semi young plants, then a third as established greens?

Just a thought, one you've probably already had.

Are you going to grow food for your insects, then use the insects to feed the fish?

I bet this kind of established system could be a completely self sufficient production machine!