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Full Version: horse poopy po po
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this summer walking on my local flood plain I saw plenty of dryed out horse poo.

would it burn in a home fire or a hobo .

ray m was burning some sort of yak poopy on telly a while back anybody tried it.

its about time we talked some s**t.....Rolleyes
you'd be better off adding it to your compost heap!!Big Grin burning horse poo stinks!!!Tongue
Dried dung has been the primary fuel for most of the steppe cultures of the world where trees are scarce and large animal herds flourish.

It has been used since the stone age and is still a primary fuel in many 3rd world nations.
go near a stable where they are burning a pile of horse dung and you'll find out it stinks to high heaven.

still if you want to burn it in your log burner INDOORS that's your lookout, don't say you haven't been warned!!Big Grin
People that burn dung do so because there is no other fuel available.

In the right conditions that smell would be perfume.

And dried dung is not the same as the pile of poo just removed from a stable.
suit yourself you seem to think you know everything about anything, horse poo isn't like buffalo chips.
Sure beats not knowing $h!t .
It will only smell if it is at all damp, as long as it is completely dry it will burn fine, I have used it in a Kelly kettle with no problems.