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Anyone have a good recipe for hard cider, Apple Jack or whatever you wish to call it.

Over here cider bought from stores is simply a strong apple juice.
Google "Scrumpy recipe" for the real stuff.
BE very careful Mort ! this stuff can change ones personality ! if not taken in moderation....side affects are being happy and joke can ease this with Prozac ...its not a cure just don,t give a f..k
I'm sure MB can handle it ,the USA have moonshine ,now that will tickle your pickle
(13 August 2015, 22:22)Barneyboy Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sure MB can handle it ,the USA have moonshine ,now that will tickle your pickle

Never will forget the first sip of moonshine I ever had.

I took a guarded sip, being warned not to slug it down like the cheap commercial stuff.

I swallowed that small sip and felt it warm me all the way down. When it hit my middle the heat radiated out all four limbs all the way to my fingers and toes!

It cleared my sinuses, untwisted my innards and game me tunnel vision for a good thirty minutes.

I am pretty sure that if I had burped on a lit cigarette I could have blown up half the world.
This method sounds very much like what my hillbilly grandfather used to do. I am certainly going to try some!

Applejack is a liquor that is freeze distilled, as opposed to steam distillation. George Washington owned one of the largest distilleries in colonial America and also made Applejack, which was used as currency during America’s colonial period. The word “jack” derives from the process of freeze distillation, which has historically been called “jacking.” Applejack was/is commonly distilled from apple cider.

Alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than water. During the colonial period producers would leave Apple cider out in the winter cold. Every morning they would go out and wipe off all the ice that had accumulated. The colder the apple cider got, the more it would freeze. The more ice they took out, the higher the alcohol content. Due to modern advancements in freezing, you can produce Applejack year round if you have a large freezer.
I sort of remember an episode at Polperro in Cornwall at the little Pub on the harbour where they sell Scrumpy out of the barrel, after that it's all a blur hic----hic. And Pork cooked in Cider is just lovely.
When I was growing up, there was a pub in the next village called the Bell, it had some truly wicked scrumpy, and a standing challenge which was only ever completed a couple of times, the challenge being to finish 10 pints of scrumpy without passing out! There were some rules about downing each pint and having a minimum time period in between pints, but very few ever got past the 4th or 5th pint!

Anyone completing the challenge won £1,000.00.
I just go to glugging my way through a few cans of Taurus pear cider now .....Heart
nope, not the same at all Sunna, the best cider is made on farms in Devon and Somerset, the commercial stuff is rubbish.
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