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Full Version: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
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If I was stuck in London when it kicked off and assuming cellphone down

It would be good to have a satphone but at £500 its a bit of a luxury.
I would try and get a taxi out of the area where I am. I tend to keep £40 in the back of my phone and another £40 in my little EDC tin. Thats enough to get me out
otherwise start walking out

Pope calls Paris terrorist attacks part of 'piecemeal WWIII
(14 November 2015, 15:52)NorthernRaider Wrote: [ -> ]What I want is ideas, tips etc ( not recipes or knitting patterns, Smile stoppit NR ) on how to reduce the risk to us and our families especially for urban families and rural families who have members visiting cities.

What can you realistically do to reduce these risks?

The only option is to not visit such places in the first place.

If you have to visit such places, keep yp
our trip as short as possible, don't use public transport, stay away from the tourist areas/theatres/arenas/restaurants/shopping centres etc be aware of what is happening around you and be prepared to run like #@$&.
London is always on lockdown , tried driving around it lately.
Nope... not been there for 25 years plus. I can imagine it's now a very different place!!
As is often the case, these events underline the importance of basic prepping. Paris is on lockdown with people being advised not to leave their homes. Have those people got:
- At least a few days' supply of food
- Access to stored water in case the lockdown prevents essential maintenance of a critical pumping station
- A method of cooking / heating
- Car fuel tank full in case the advice changes and localised evacuation is necessary
- Cash on hand for the type of eventuality that RS described above
- A means of hearing critical announcements (e.g. portable radio) in case power fails or has to be interrupted?
'The only option is to not visit such places in the first place.'

Nup, that's not an option to many people such as Urban preppers, our kids in college, visiting a city etc. I want things they CAN do, perhaps such as ensuring they have a sizeable emergency cash reserve on them so they can try and get a taxi to a point further away, perhaps to a pre agreed location with their families where that can RV. Someone we or our loved ones have no choice but to enter a large conurbation, we need more options. Come on guys there is no shortage of intelligence on this forum , put it to use.

Tarrel you are on the right track, but what about visitors of people passing through when something kicks off.

Terror at Gatwick: Frenchman arrested in airport car park 'had TWO guns in his possession and was held after sprinting away from check-in and throwing one into a rubbish bin'

See how quickly it comes home to roost

Empty Eurostar carriages as passengers choose not to travel to France in wake of Paris terror attacks and Foreign Office tells people heading there to 'exercise caution'

Delays expected at ports, airports and train stations for extra security

Eurostar and airline easyJet have offered customers refunds or delay

Disneyland Paris closed today 'in light of recent tragic events'
(14 November 2015, 18:07)NorthernRaider Wrote: [ -> ]Dev
'The only option is to not visit such places in the first place.'

Nup, that's not an option to many people such as Urban preppers, our kids in college, visiting a city etc.

But for me and many, that has to be the PRIMARY prep.

Why would any prepper let their kids go to college or uni in London, why not go to Lancaster Uni, or the university of east Anglia or one of umpteen other safer located colleges/uni's.

If I need to fly abroad, I'll use a regional airport. I wouldn't choose to use a London Airport; or Birmingham or Manchester etc...

I wouldn't go shopping in Oxford Street or the Trafford Centre or other high profile shopping centres, I wouldn't go to theatre in the West End etc etc.....

Living in a City is one thing, living in London or Birmingham or other LARGE cities, is another completely different matter altogether these days, and these are the places that are most likely to be targeted, so why frequent them in the first place? The choice is actually ours and we do not have to.........
Of course it dies my dear friend, But I cannot discount the needs of Urban preppers either and am always keen to explore any and all options, I hope my post did not offend you?

Sheesh at 10AM this morning 12 hours after the worst terror attack in Europe since 2004 occurred I wrote
'90 views and 2 responses, this forum is beyond saving, I give up trying. '

Now at 18.30 hours I see 354 views and only half a dozen contributors, is this forum actually worth bothering with any more?
if I was stuck in a shtf thing in central London , I would head to the river and head west .
pavement all the way along easy.
22,00 hours 404 hits only about six contributors, definitely not worth investing time in this forum, its truly pathetic.
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