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Full Version: EDC footwear reccomendation please
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So chaps, chapesses and others what EDC footwear have you chosen to protect those feet of your and WHY did you go for them, Brothel creepers don't count Devonian
I'm a boatbuilder, wooden boats, which entails lifting many sheets of plywood - this dictates that I wear steel toecaps at work ( they've saved my toes a few times ), and of course I put on the same comfy boots for working around the smallholding and shopping too.

I used to wear quality hiking boots all the time, now I realise that a decent pair of steelies equipped with Sorbothane insoles and worn daily are nearly as good - your feet get used to them and if you ever needed to kick the crap out of someone they are there.
Like Steve, I wear safety toe work boots with traction sole, only difference is that my toe caps are fiberglass, as my work boots are safe for working around high voltage AC mains.
Used to wear Karrimor hiking trainers/shoes a lot but I've recently bought a nice pair of brasher hiking shoes , sturdy enough for most things yet quite posh if kept polished.

If I'm doing anything more hardcore and in need of ankle support I wear 8 eyelet wolverine boots(like Cats or Timberlands only cheaper and better made)for summer, and Lowa Recon's for spring and Autumn and I still have a pair of Lundhags for the winter snow and ice......I guess I'm just the male Imelda marcos lol
winter , steel boots
summer , steel trainers / shoes .
Normally Merrell Gore Tex walking shoes, otherwise a pair of Merrell brown leather walking boots.

Both are very civilian/grey man in appearance, and the gore tex waterproofing is essential, I won't wear any shoes that are not waterproof. I have several pairs of safety boots, but I rarely wear them and would always choose the walking shoes/boots everytime for comfort and flexibility etc.
5.11 ATAC side zips. Soooo comfortable it's ridiculous. No breaking in period, tough as, well, old boots and smart enough for the office. Also they have a handy little stash pocket in each boot, keep a knife in one, arrow heads in the other and some cash (you can fit 5 £20 notes in quite happily) - and I've yet to lose anything from them.
Got two pairs at the moment, and these are my second lot of two. Literally can't beat 'em. have them on offer quite often too, along with the other 5.11 stuff.
German Para boots.
my last pair of german para boots squeaked on just the one soul...thought they would stop eventually as the new sole wore in a bit...they didn't so I gave up on them....not the cheap option they once were ... still love them though...just not my pair!
Not so cheap midnight (unless you mean secondhand mate)
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