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Full Version: Bulk food seller
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Hi, do not know if any of you use this site but came across it the other day. Bought my first order, box of12x10 old el paso wraps £1, 10 bottles brown sauce £1 12 tins heinze tomato with a hint of chilli soup £3, lots more you get my drift, bought over 60kg of food with postage to Scotland under £25.00 real bargain and tinned stuff keeps forever. Any hoo heres the address if interested.
Useful site, thanks mate
Cheers another good useful addy.
Good find ....many thanks !
Tin food will not keep forever and infact it can taste quite nasty year or so after best before, I threw away loads of food last year, but I also did go way over the top with my food preps.

I would say don't buy from these type places if your intention is for long term prep, short term go for it.

With any food storage it is important to use in strict rotation. Simply buying bags of flour or tinned goods then leaving on the shelf at the back of the cupboard will not work, however, when sensible use and replenishing system is put in place most items make a valuable addition to a survival situation. Even freeze dried food does not last forever, but that usually tastes nasty whatever stage storage is at. With tinned goods especially fruit and tomatoes there is the problem of the acidity which can eat quite quickly through the tins. When preparing our own fruit for long term storage we find glass bottles with plastic tops offer the best solution, one of the best jars to date are the old Douwe Egbert coffee jars, great coffee and a great storage receptacle too.