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Full Version: Primitive bow drill fire explosion
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Have you seen this video on youtube? The guy uses birch bark with a bow drill and it literally explodes in flames... how is this possible? Anyone experienced this before?
Erm What video Sir?
I have always been meaning to try a bow drill and think its about time I did it, as for the birch I would have thought it would take very easy, do you have a link for this video?

It is a hokey chopped and edited You-tube clip where some guy spins a fire drill and the fireboard goes up in flames.

The OP has been hyping it all over the internet, and I mean everywhere. Usually he gives the name of the clip to google.

In the U.S. many You-tube clips get money, from a few cents to a few dollars, from advertisers for each hit on their film and going viral can make you some good money.
This would be it then very fast ignition.

Watched a few of his vids bit of a mix the lego one is just retarded, but he has made a computer case log burner and uses it in his tipi, surprised they could handle that much heat.

The my little pony vids are hmmm well every survivalist should prep my little pony you never know.

Wow, some people are rude... sorry for sharing this here...

Thanks to Nemesis about my computer case wood stove! haha! It works well... and for the Lego, My little pony videos, they are from and for my kids... Yeah, the Lego one was made by me and yes, it sounds retarded. It made my little girl laugh though.
Kylegap when you post a article about a you Tube video you need to post a link to it as seen in replies above Smile

Tincup thanks I did not know people touted YT vids for money, cheers for the info.
Here's the video I was talking about:

Yeah, that's true, you can make money with videos on youtube... but if you don't get millions of views, it's worthless... I have to admit, none of my videos got or could get viral.
Oh, when I said some people are rude, I though tincup wanted to punch me in the face... but I just realize it's his signature. LOL Maybe I'm retarded like the Legos... Tongue
I do apologize I did not mean to come over as rude I do see how contradictory that might sound.

I do infact admire your actual get things done attitude.

I have made some crazy videos myself for my kids, sorry once again.

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