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Full Version: Boil in a bag ready made "MEAT" type meals.
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I am trying to find meat based meals boil in the bag "Mylar" 12 month shelf life, that don't cost a lot, so far Morrison are the cheapest at £2.44p which I consider to dear I want something one to two pound.

Not interested in pasta or rice or soups I want meat.

These look good but work at £3 a shot

[Image: 10984880_9204376514793974.jpg]
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I found this site but not Mylar.

We have had the assorted packs from "look what we found" which is only a few miles from here, nice, reasonably priced, decent quality but not the largest of portions. Probably ideal for normal meals but would not sustain someone doing hard work all day
Amazon were doing Mountainhouse stuff, have you looked at
Mountainhouse and Wayfayrer are way over priced aimed more so for the campers or very rich prepper, example here all day breakfast by Wayfayrer:

£5 for that no no.

[Image: 61u_DCqdeo7_L_SL1380.jpg]
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I am not over concerned by the shelf life I don't want to confuse this thread as prepper "LONG" term store, most boil in the bags will last a year no problem.

What I want is the cheaper half decent meat meals £1 to £2 max.

Bloke on a UK camp site said he got this for 50p, this is kind of thing I am looking for.

[Image: Photo_Apr_10_13_42_17.jpg]

In reply to your question the big deal is weight and volume, I only will be using a small back pack for wild camping, I want 14 main meals, 14 breakfast then some other stuff like nido, coco, tea, sugar it all adds up.

I have used ration packs in the past cold weather ones but I cannot get them no more and I don't need all the stuff that is supplied with them I can easily add what I want and it will cost less, and more suited to me.

Just want cheaper Mylar packed meat dishes.

how much does a can weigh, can not contents? You can take dried food but you need water...

The 'Volume' is the contents so what is it, a can or a Mylar pack. I've only been on civvie street for four years, only got back into camping/survivorism/prepping/bushcraft since the the wife passed on. I take a mix and pick of food when I'm up in Snowdonia/Peak District and Scotland but...I'm going more and more with canned/dried meals; I guess its all about experience and what you want.

PS, I love Nido milk Smile Great with oats and dried fruit
Sorry to hear about your wife.

I did a reply and it was quite long but for whatever reason my Internet page just kept zooming so I had to reboot and lost what I wrote and the pics I added so to shorten it, only got a small bag want to try make it into a 14 day B.O.B, food 14 main meals and 14 breakfast, plus other sundries.

The bag:

[Image: image.jpg]
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The volume, all food and a small solar device in this area only.

[Image: image.jpg]
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As you can see for this it has to be mylar style foods cans just won't fit and the weight would be to much.

Nido one of the best things things to pack on a trip, make just milk or add to dried smash gives it a creamy taste, list goes on one of my favorite items.

Got some cheap food from Morrison today savory rice 25p and cheese pasta 20p and cheese smash 50p, last of all tomato and pasta 20p.

I will test it and let you know the results, I am not expecting much for 20p but willing to try it out.

[Image: image.jpg]upload gif

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