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Full Version: Keeping Secrets
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If you are prepping right, and I mean a 6 month-one year food supply, meds, water, fuel and security for the family, can you really keep your activities secret from outsiders while engaging in normal activities?
It is difficult, but can be done. Work prepping gradually into your normal routine without attracting attention. Key is not trying to stockpile everything at once, but get a little extra on each shopping trip and put the extra away.

Store extra food of the type which you normally buy and which your family will eat. Date packages, rotate stocks. If you gradually accumulate a week's extra food and supplies each month you will end up with a 3-month supply over the first year without blowing the budget. Six months in two years. Take advantage of sales but without going crazy and attracting attention. And don't share information outside the family with anybody who doesn't have a "need to know." Always remember the "third man" is listening. He wants to know what you know, so keep it to yourself.

I recommend the "grey man" approach. Fit in with masses and don’t attract attention, keep your preps out of sight and store them in a cool place. It is commonly said that there are three things that cause damage to your food supplies, heat, light, moisture. An important fourth, is a lack of discretion and secrecy.
Common sense and more common sense, its no big deal.
Yes. I got a load of mountain house from a guy off this site and have also got stuff from the internet.
I also have vacuum sealed in Mylar a load of rice and beans that we slowly collected over time
So no one apart from my wife and I know what we have stored and where
Good point Morty.

Its not just keeping provisions out of sight that we need to consider.

We do our utmost to be "grey" by trying to blend in and not look any different from those around us. Nothing shouts out prepper to the outside world... or so we thought.

Only last week my wife had an exploratory conversation with our plumber about installing a permanent water supply from our well. His immediate comment was that yes, he could do it for us, and then we'd be ready to live completely off grid. (!) Maybe an innocent comment, but this guy has worked with us on the property since we purchased and has been intrigued by some of the unusual specifications we have imposed on various service installations.

So beware of tradesmen, especially the intelligent ones. They are more than capable of joining dots and making close-enough judgements.
Exactly what I was considering with the OP.

We often get smug and think that we are smarter than anyone we meet because we are preppers and they are "sheeple" when that is an illusion.

When we get into real preps that require modifications and special structures, and must seek outside help, many of those craftsmen know exactly what we are doing even if they do not see the two cans of beans hidden under the baseboard.

Our very secretiveness and insistence on "gray man" procedures is also a dead giveaway. The entire world is filled with flowers and you are a standing weed among them.
Yep, I'm with you on this Morty.

I disagree with your stance on grey man status though. To me "grey" means being anonymous and not standing out. No huge PV arrays on the roof, no heavily modified 4x4 with ultra heavy tyres, no massive radio antennas, non military clothing and baggage etc etc etc.
Solar panels on the roof do not mean anything if half the houses in the neighborhood have the same.

Same thing with the SUV. I look out my window to see that every house on my lane has a pickup or SUV, some of them tricked out like a Mad Max movie!

My word the 70 year old lady next door drives a Dodge Ram with a 6.5L hemi and chrome roll bar!

And at this time of year Camo is our national color! It's hunting season! We do that here.

I love Kentucky!!!

Being gray is going to be different for each and every environment and can not be described except in terms of what is going on within 100 feet of you at any moment.

How about looking at it from the viewpoint of the aggressor, that the "gray man" in one area would be viewed as easy prey two miles down the road? He is exactly what you are looking for as an easy mark, completely non-threatening.
Ha ha! I worked a few years in N. Kentucky and know what you mean.... and you're right its about blending into whats around you.

I think that in any location domestic solar arrays are a sure fire way of getting targeted if the grid were to fail significantly.

Looking at it the other way around is a useful exercise. Being grey just means blending in. That doesn't necessarily mean looking like a totally weak target.