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Full Version: Harvey Wallbanger Sitrep
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Callers to the Rockport, TX local emergency dispatch line told of walls and roofs collapsing on people across the city, where an official had warned those who opted to stick out the storm to write their Social Security numbers on their arms for body identification...

...the 210-mile-long corridor between Corpus Christi and Houston was expected to receive as much as 30 more inches of rain on top of the double-digit rainfall figures that had already fallen...

Harvey wielded the "highest potential to kill the most amount of people and cause the most amount of damage," Brock Long, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, had warned. He echoed forecasters who predicted Harvey would be leave areas "uninhabitable for weeks or months," echoing language last seen ahead of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

-- Even after weakening upon landfall, Harvey was still a dangerous storm and "turning into a deadly inland event," the FEMA chief tweeted.

President Donald Trump...has signed a disaster declaration for Texas.
Although warnings were given Well in advance ....and those who chose to stay put to tough it out can't be easy to leave your home and least Trump called for emergency help prior to the event.....Katrina was a complete disaster....and help on that occasion was late and not well organised and as a result cost more lives...i hope the authorities do better this time.

Some have said people should have heeded the warning and gone out of state for a few days for Harvey work its way out, but those holding down and worrying about their jobs ....not is they may well be laid off because of damage caused, hind sight is a wonderful extravagance ....i have no doubts there will be many with regrets in the coming days,weeks,months ,years and a lifetime.
Yet so far the death toll is only 2 people in the 4th largest city in the U.S.

Bodies are not floating in the streets in the thousands and although there are some injured they are not so many that they can not be handled by the trauma centers.

Locals have responded in mass to their neighbors' needs ad the surrounding areas are moving to assist. State agencies are already in place and federal agencies were already moving to assist before the storm arrived.

This time the local officials did not refuse to speak to the president about help as happened in Katrina. Apparently the Texas officials are not afraid to have the Federal government looking into their records over how federal emergency management funds are being used.

As a side note, the authorities refused to call for a mandatory evacuation due to the results of the mandatory evac they endured 12 years ago during Katrina/Rita. More people died in Texas on the highways than in the hurricanes. Traffic was gridlocked for hundreds of miles in each direction and people sat in their vehicles for days as the hurricane struck them in the open. Pictures of those gridlocks and the people in them are still circulated as proof that the emergency evacuation of a major city is impossible.

If one compares the death tolls it appears they made the correct decision.

Just something I found that I thought was interesting
I am sure he did scrap Obama's standards.

Obama had only one standard, if you did not vote for him you could drown.

He consistently refused to allow regions that did not vote for him to be declared in a state of disaster and receive federal assistance.
Bit like trump then
Not hardly.

Trump offered help to the Houston area without being pressured and the admin was working on the problem before the storm hit.

Houston, like all the larger urban areas, is run by our liberals.

Yo guys really need to pay less attention to the media rags. What they are saying is an insult to rags.
Well you say tomatoes I say tomatoes,hang on that doesn't work lol
In reality, this is a natural disaster of unprecedented impact. It is bigger than Katrina.

The area impacted is as large and England.

The population impacted is half that of the UK, 25,000,000.

When you hear the opposition asking why there was no mandatory evacuation think about trying to remove half the population of the UK from the island in three days. It did not work 12 years ago during Katrina/Rita and it would not work now.

And it is not Trump's fault! Even the president of the USA does not have control of the weather.

Only a sick twisted liberal mind would attempt to turn a natural disaster unequaled in the geological record into a contest of superiority between political theories.
My thoughts go out to the people of Texas and anywhere/anyone else affected. How is Jonas?
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