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Full Version: UK Flu Theat this winter
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This is why we should avoid people.
Then you wind up with a computer virus!

I just read that Australia is already showing a huge flu outbreak. They expect it to be as bad as the record they set back in 2005.

Over here the vaccines are already available and being distributed this early in the season. I am scheduled to get mine end of the month.

I know that some folks avoid the vaccine but I have had good luck with them over a long period of time.
Yep you'r right MB Australia has had it bad ...this normally means we will have it bad here in the UK for some odd reason according to the guy on the news this morning, we are getting our jabs on the 30th of September.....whether i want mine or not !
I had my flu shot yesterday.

This one stung when they injected me. Arm was a little sore when I went to bed last night.

No other obvious side effects so far.
Oh so here we go. I expected the flu import from Far East
but looks like its coming from France (despite Brexit:-)
Serious epidemic there. Flu numbers through the roof there
and its getting bad here.

Plan on hunkering down for a few months
We have been under siege for several weeks now.

10x the number of cases in our county than last year. 600+ opposed to the 60 from last year. Schools closed in some areas.

This strain seems to be targeting the older teens and adults rather than the old folks and children.

The vaccine was only partly effective this year but the medics are claiming that those that had the shot are only suffering a sniffle and low grade fever for a couple of days rather than full blown flu.

I had the shot and have had no problems so far but I have been limiting my contacts with the outside word severely.

Of course our bitter cold weather has helped me. I have only left the property a couple of times since before Christmas. When I do leave I try to stay out of crowds and it seems that others are doing the same, there are few crowds to avoid.
Here in the UK the flu vaccine protects against 3 strains of virus. A/Michigan type, A/Hong Kong type and B/Brisbane type. Already we are reading in the press that the vaccine is not effective for everyone. The advantage of the vaccine is if you get flu it’s milder, lasts 4 or 5 days instead of 3 weeks minimum, according to the NHS. So if you can, keep out of crowds and keep your fingers crossed, good luck.
OK - so UK press (Monday Morning) is ramping this up/

Keep washing your hands
Our media is reporting that the vaccine is proving only 10% effective.

I do not know if that is an accurate number or where they are getting that percentage from.

Are 90% of the people that take the shot getting the flu anyway, or are there 10x more cases than normal, or are late shot seeking people contracting the bug before the immunity takes effect?
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