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Full Version: Pigs in the yard
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Was outside surveying the premises the other day and spotted movement out of the corner of my eye. Something coming across the garden.

short, squat, a seemingly happy giant, tail in the air, I have seen that before, where was it???

Oh yes, the Disney movie!! The one about Africa with the animated lions!

My God its a wild boar! Walking across my back garden.

I am truly getting old. Rather that grab a gun and shoot this walking pork chop I jump up and follow its progress down the lane.

It visits one flower patch after another until it reaches the swimming pool up the lane, about a half mile up. There is a fence around that possible wallowing hole and the little pig walks all the way around looking for entrance, then trots off into the bush with its tail high in the air.

It has not left either. I have seen it several times since and warned one distant neighbor that it was haunting their area closely and they might want to keep their small children indoors until the pig is disposed.

Were they concerned over their offspring?? not in the slightest. All they could talk about was the critter's damage to their flower patch.
So who is going to despatch this piggy wiggy MB ? ….not your neighbour by the sounds of it ! …...spit roast time pal ! you know it makes sense , home cured bacon , pork chops , cooked ham ….fill your freezer …… had to laugh at their response and the fact they prioritise their flower beds over the safety and well being of their kids ! but I am not shocked . I see this sort of attitude all the time over here pal .
We have a friend who keeps Guinea pigs, when needs must roast whole, a delicacy i believe.
You having ham n eggs yet MB ?