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Has anyone used workwear from the likes of Screwfix as survival-suitable clothing?

I have work boots that would outlast me! but I'm not sure of the suitability of workwear in this situation or which items might be worth getting?

Anyone got any or feedback on stuff that's worth getting?
I thought you were the guy living 10 miles down a single track in the middle of nowhere? What are you wearing now, a suit and tie?

Have you examined one of the locals lately? What are the farmers around you wearing to muck out the stables and work the fields? I will guarantee they didn't buy it from an on-line prepper store!

I am not in a position to know what is available to you locally or by order so I suggest you ask Straight Shooter. He works hard and gets things done and probably wears out some sturdy threads on a regular basis. He would know the brands to look for and what is available locally.
most farmers around here wear either camo clothing, jeans or overalls.
Well ! Designer gear mostly , I am regularly complimented by passers by on my ( out there clothing and foot ware) they like what I’ve done and so creative with my patchwork ......even my wellies have patches with a sensitive use of vibrant colour variations the conversation usually follows and changes and ends up ......I expect you’v heard it all before , but I am going to say it anyway ....has anyone told you look absolutely fabulous ! And utterly astoundingly good looking you are ?! The way your balding head catches the sun....the way you hang on and rest on that shovel and break wind ....without any effort at all ....I find quite enchanting .....yep my type of guy ...a mans man ......god I wish I was you ! standard response is I clasp my hands drove them to my knees swing them side to side while I flutter my eyes pretending to be all embarrassed and act this was my first time .

Dickies boots , bib n brace and always always a smile .
Screwfix stuff is expensive.
Dewalt Apprentice safety boots . A pair usually lasts me 2-3 years . The most comfortable boots I’ve used , and in my last job I wore them constantly . Site work pants are ok and pretty cheap . I highly recommend the boots though .
Oh hang on . You already have the boots . Move along , nothing to see here .
Dickies seem to be a universal. I own several pair. They are available everywhere.

Back in the day the bib "overalls" were the standard wear of anyone living outside the city limits. I still find them comfortable and handy with the assortment of pockets available. Eliminating the belt around the waist is also a more comfortable way to work.

Slipping, sliding, tugging and sagging when any weight is present is a hinderance with normal trousers. And working around a homestead there will be weight added. I know farmers that habitually carry fencing tools in the loops of their bibs as well as measuring tapes, pens, pencils, pocket knives, extra spectacles, and occasionally bits of wire, string, and a can of spray paint for marking. And that is all at the same time.
I wear 'clothes' (d'uh) - but I don't, as a habit, walk around looking like a camo-wearing reject from the SAS on a daily basis (ever, really). Whilst I do appreciate the need for durable and resilient clothing for certain circumstances - I wear overalls when working on the cars for example - I don't have or use many of the made-for-purpose clothing the likes of which Screwfix (and others) sell.

I was hoping to get some feedback on the quality of any of the items they offer - which are the best weatherproof, best for crawling through undergrowth (not carrying a rifle but maybe foraging for fruits like blackberries), best for even WARM weather (yet resilient) etc.

As a prepper I have backed up all my normal clothing (multiple sets of socks, skiddies, tops, jumpers etc) but other than a couple of pairs of overalls (Dickies as it happens) and work boots I don't use 'commercial' gear but expect it's a lot better for living rough than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

This is the point of the thread. If anyone has purchased 'workwear' that they think is above-and-beyond when it comes to durability etc then I'd like to know what it was and where it came from.

Just remembered - I have a pair of waterproof over trousers, elasticated waist/legs but they feel like you're wearing a plastic bag over each leg (they're not plastic that I can tell though) but they do a great job of keeping you dry.
Bibs in spring and summer, overalls in fall and winter.
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