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Full Version: Welcome to North Korea
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It looks like the RT news web page has been took offline. While I agree the Russians are acting like animals, it should be our choice on what news content to view. Not sure what everyone else thinks but I don’t like censorship of any kind. Today it is RT, tomorrow it could be any other group they care to censor.
Back online but for how long.
RT is Russian State Media and propaganda channel, regardless 9f what they claim on their web site.
Totally agree CH but I like to have a choice about what liar I get to listen to. During the peak of covid and the massive suppression of alternative opinion, I actually found RT to be a breath of fresh air.
It would be great to have a news outlet that didn’t lie through it’s teeth but that no longer exists in the Uk. If you Google behavioural science and nudge theory you start to see what is really happening.
The internet is no longer free and soon it will be used as a control system.
I used to watch RT just for the alternative viewpoint but since the Ukrainian invasion its spouted nothing but Kremlin propaganda and its so obvious and wrong that its laughable, its currently offline in this area and likely to remain so.
if you think this country is like NK I suggest you go and live there and learn the difference.
No need to relocate BP but I think I am more than capable of deciding what news sources I trust, I doubt I need the Government to spoon feed me with their choice of lies.
So we ain’t as bad as North Korea yet but we are slowly heading in the direction of censorship. Wouldn’t you like to make your own choices ?
So what news sources do you recommend?
I DO make my own choices, in everything, thats why I'm a prepper.
I'm not sure I believe ANYTHING that is said or printed in the media, we all know MSM lies through their teeth.
we have to research, research, research and take nothing for granted , believe half of what you see and none of what you read, thats my opinion.
Well it looks like RT is now gone for good, I have even tried routing through a proxy server in Kazakhstan without success lol. Not sure if it's been blocked at the DNS level and might be accessible with an IP address.
Anyone got any ideas ?
It's safe to say that the gov are now acting as bad as China, I prefer to be able to choose my main stream media liars.
Why bother if you don’t believe any of the media ?, you say they’re all liars.
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