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Full Version: Hi Glowies.
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Are you having fun?
So the big guys pay you for now. Cool.
Have you figured out what happens to you if they get their way?
Look, I know they promised you'd be okay. I know they promised you that they would look after you. You know these guys lie, right?
How much do you know? Is it better to buy you off with a fiat currency that is about to tank or is brass a tad cheaper?
Have you seen what they did to bacon? Wow, cities burned - bacon had the budget cut. Yeah. I can imagine how they feel. Let down does not even cover it.
I used to see free ranged bacon walking the streets - used to greet them and make small talk. Don't see them any more now. Kinda miss them.
Never seen a free ranged glowie, mind, not in the day to day - and neither has any one else. Kinda hard to miss something you never see, right?
Be well and live long.
Ajax ,

I’m afraid this is how it works their world ....and In turn keep tabs on anyone or anything that AI directs them them it’s just a job’s how they pay their bills there is no need for a conscience , they believe they carry out this work with honour and love of country ! At least that’s how the job description picture was sold to them ......but I do believe that when they reach the the winter of their lives ....they will have to confront what they have done short confront themselves ......that in of itself is BIG one gets away from anything ! can hide, you can run for a while ....but you never get away with anything , not even in your own head .
A lot of the guests are probably Bots updating search engines. Plus not everyone wants to join a forum or even log in.
(5 April 2022, 22:48)Joe Wrote: [ -> ]A lot of the guests are probably Bots updating search engines. Plus not everyone wants to join a forum or even log in.

we call them "lurkers", they take but do not give, they do nothing to advance the forum.
Some people may just be dipping their toes into prepping and as this is an open site their is some good information to be had, while they pluck up the courage to post or decide if this specific group suits them.

Other people have been around the block and may be put off by some established members here. I myself visit (seldom log in) every 4-6 months after a hostile welcome due to a personality difference with someone here on a different group

Then there are the bots...
Well there are the bots, but there aren't that many search engines.

The number of lurkers have increased over the last few years as people wake up. Better late than never as every bit of prepping increases your chances.

This forum has always been there to help newbies and therefore you don't expect them to contribute much. They are here to learn not to teach and there is nothing wrong with that. I expect our more experienced members to help the newbies by answering questions and giving some guidance. We were all newbies at one point.

In addition we all have different requirements and also different experiences. Between us we can help anyone.

So, let's not give any newbies a -ve experience by belittling them or being hostile. They need to be supported as you were.