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Full Version: Heat Exchangers
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What is the general opinion on air source heat pumps?
Here is a UK link:

Several US links with similar information for comparison:

In my case was non-starter due to higher upfront cost, dependence upon a reliable source of electricity and requirement for supplemental heat below zero degs. F.
Did a triple glazed window&door job on a swimming pool (enclosed ) ten years back , the guy had one installed ...he had to replace the unit about five years back ! He does not rate the system that highly and not that efficient he said .....although they sound good the reality they are not that good .....I will not be going down that route Mary ....and I have plenty of room .
We have a friend who had a new house built with air pump heating, could not get warm and sold the house after just two winters.

It’s impractical to retrofit an old house, you would need to replace windows, completely insulation, cavity walls, loft, floor, the hardest thing is to stop all drafts. The money would best spent on a good solar system.

I think anyone with the availability, or the contacts, to get free or cheap timber should just get a woodburner asap, don’t forget you can also cook on one.
That’s good sound advise Pete .....totally agree with you .

Many just do not want the work Involved in a wood stove or repetition of the time involved on maintaining a good supply of wood ! a town or city near impossible but still achievable got to do what you can with what you got if you are a prepper do what it takes , it’s that simple’s known as work .
Try turning your central heating water down to less than 40 deg C and see if it can heat your house, if it works then go for one.
It’s worth mentioning screamy greenies don’t know much about science and the technical aspects of heating. Unfortunately their technically knowledge is almost zero but they seem to be driving Governments.
I failed to notice this thread when it was fresh.

I have lived with a "heat pump", as we call them over here, for a 5 year period.

It was installed as new construction in a house fully insulated with triple glazed windows, sealed doors, the works.

The one main feature no one talks about when selling these systems is that the removal of heat from the outside air and exchange for inside air only allows the system to heat up one degree F per hour when at full efficiency.

If the outside temp is dropping at 10 degrees per hour you will be at a deficit until the system catches up, perhaps ten or twelve hours latter. In my area it is not unusual for the temp variation from day to night to be as much as 20C.

If you look at the thermostat and see that it is two or three degrees too cool, and move the setting, it will take the system half the day to reach your desired temp.

Fuel efficiency was very good with the system and it cost little to run, my utility bills were half of what I considered "normal". But you were always cold, or hot, or going one way or the other. The only way to beat your own system was with a small electric heater moved with you from room to room.

These systems would be great in a simi-tropical setting, such as we have over here in our southern tier of states from Georgia and Florida over to southern Texas where low temps are in the ten C range and highs are in the mid 20C range with slow variations during winter.

They just don't work for areas that maintain temps below freezing or bouncing up and down between zero C and -20C for long parts of the year.