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Full Version: Union Strikes.
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Workers at Felixstowe container port going on strike today for 8 days over pay and conditions, this will have a knock on effect on the supply chain and some empty shelves may be noticed.
Just the start of things to come BP will become much more wide spread and in many sectors , private and public .......many countries will travel down the same road ........then it will be mayhem time .
An 8 day strike is not an industrial action, it is a week off on holiday.

I hope they return to discover their jobs taken by several thousand of the migrant workers that risk their lives daily trying to get to the UK.

They could probably recruit an entire trained, well educated, replacement force from the crews of the container ships right there in the port.
there are around 2,000 on strike, now day 3, mostly crane and machine operators.
Barristers are now on strike.
Postal Workers are due to strike but thats nothing new, there was a strike when I worked in the telephone exchange in the late 60s.
it is said Nurses may strike to, and probably a lot of others too, talk of a General strike like we had in the 1920s, that would make life interesting.
it seems the Civil Service will be next to strike, but as most of them are STILL WFH I doubt we will notice the difference.