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Hello all - Bracken - 7 January 2013

Hi I am Bracken, and I am Highlanders wife

No I am not here to keep an eye on him, we have an equal interest in prepping and rather than him having to relay all thats going on to me, its easier if I joined.

I am probably most interested in the food side of things, so I am sure that a few question will be sent out from time to time, although I am not as keen a poster as he is

RE: Hello all - Prepaday - 7 January 2013

Hi Braken Smile Female prepper here from the Northwest of England Smile

RE: Hello all - TheFalcon - 7 January 2013

hello and welcome from londonistan
wish my bird was a prepperBig Grin

RE: Hello all - Highlander - 7 January 2013

Hello dear... fancy meeting you here Dodgy

RE: Hello all - GrannyMike - 7 January 2013

hi from devon

RE: Hello all - Skean Dhude - 7 January 2013

Hello and Welcome

RE: Hello all - Kenneth Eames - 8 January 2013

Hello Bracken, Welcome from Argyll. I look forward to reading some posts from you. I am sure that there are some interesting Recipes that you have and some good prepping ideas. Look after your OH. Bye for now. Kenneth Eames.

RE: Hello all - Tigs - 8 January 2013

welcome to the forum

RE: Hello all - I-K-E - 8 January 2013

Hi Bracken and welcome to the forum

RE: Hello all - bigpaul - 8 January 2013

welcome, from north devon.