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home brew - would this work??? - Franc - 29 April 2013

can some kind brewing expert glance at this page, and tell us if it would actually work, or if its a pile of horse apples?

hmm, horse apple cider, now there's an idea. either as an ingredient, or as a brand label.

RE: home brew - would this work??? - MaryN - 29 April 2013

Yep, it's standard procedure. Should work just fine.

RE: home brew - would this work??? - uks - 29 April 2013

I use this site for home brew cider

RE: home brew - would this work??? - BDG - 1 May 2013

I would just go with apple juice, sugar and yeast rather than anything special. Dissolve 1 kg of sugar in some cheap apple juice - some may not work due to chemicals added, but I can tell you for sure the cheap sainsburys one works. Start your yeast off in a cup of
warm water with a tea spoon of sugar disolved, add the sugar juice mix to a demi john and then fill the demi john 2/3 fill with apple juice. Do not fill any more than this as when it starts to ferment, it will go crazy and spill out of your airlock whilst you are asleep in your bed.

After two days or so when it has calmed down, top up with apple juice and leave it to finish fermenting and clear a little. Should take a week.

Syphon into bottles. If you have some brown 500ml / pint bottles and a capper, great, if not, use old carbonated drinks bottles. If you want a quick stock of these, buy some supermarket own brand fizzy mineral water for 15p for 2 litres. Prime the bottles with a half teaspoon of sugar for a 500ml bottle or 1 1/2 for a 2l bottle.

Leave it a week to ten days for the secondary fermentation and any last yeast to settle then drink it.

If you are opening a 2l bottle, have some one around to share it with as best not to drink 2l to yourself.

It is called turbo cider. You could fancy it up with other ingredients if you want but there is no need.

RE: home brew - would this work??? - Franc - 1 May 2013

how much (as a rough rule of thumb,) lossage is there in fermenting, ie if you start with 10 litres of juice do you get about 10 litres of alcohol, or do you loose a bit of it evaporating? and does it cost pennies per litre, (after the first few batches and after buying all the equipment). mainly cos cider is cheap from supermarkets at the moment.

RE: home brew - would this work??? - BDG - 2 May 2013

There is no discernible loss of liquid bar what is in the yeast sediment you get rid of. Average for cheap apple juice (from concentrated juice) is about 60p a litre at the moment. In a gallon demi-john you could make about 4.5 litres. Average for a 1kg bag of sugar is about 80p at the moment so £3.50 for 4.5 litres of cider, not taking into account equipment or yeast costs.

You have to take into account however, that it is made made from apple juice and sugar rather than possibly containing flavourings, apple essence etcetera and the home made stuff is live rather than having been pasteurised and so has a much better taste.

For a commercial product that is going to compete on terms of flavour, you are going to be looking at spending £3.50-34 litre - what you could make 4.5l for yourself.

RE: home brew - would this work??? - Tartar Horde - 2 May 2013

I can recommend the book "first steps in wine making" by CJ Berry. I have used this book for years and it has some excellent recipes for home brew.

RE: home brew - would this work??? - Minnismarsh - 8 August 2013

I started trying this last. Previously I've only brewed wine, so thought it might be a good chance to try cider.
Came down this morning and can report that it's quite lively!
Will let you know how it works out.