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Home Brew - MaryN - 4 November 2014

Quite by accident I seem to have discovered a technique for improving my home brew. Last year I made a batch of blackberry wine - usual procedure (berries, sugar, water, bit of yeast, lob into a bucket, strain and stick into a demijohn). All very basic. However, instead of racking the brew off after the required time in the demijohn I inadvertently forgot about it. I discovered it this week at the back of my larder; demijohn covered in dust, but still with a healthy water level in the little bubbly thingy in the cork. Full of misgivings I tried a bit. It was lovely! Really strong and a bit like Port. I bottled a bit and gave it to my ever-suffering neighbours to sample, and got the thumbs-up. I'm not sure what I have done right - could it be leaving it so long without disturbance? I don't know, but I'm going to forget the next batch as well.

RE: Home Brew - NorthernRaider - 4 November 2014

home brewing is a pretty good way of ensuring that you have safe drinking supplies after TSHTF as the welsh found out 200 years ago.

The happy clappy, tea total church going good people drank only water from the well or canal and they all got cholera, but the sinners who drank ale which being brewed was sterile did not.

RE: Home Brew - Straight Shooter - 4 November 2014

i can confirm this NR being a welsh sinner.....with honors, mary you just reminded me about my sloe gin......ready to rack now......i made elderberry wine four years ago five gallon butt has been in my porch .....think i will give it a go.....wifey been on about it for ages ......just throw it out she says......will try it later and let you know.

RE: Home Brew - NorthernRaider - 4 November 2014

Seriously, please do keep me informed about your home brew experiments I think the forum is woefully lacking feedback on such projects.

Sheep shagging, goat molesting, Sloe Gin and Elderberry wine WHAT A COMBINATION Smile

RE: Home Brew - Straight Shooter - 4 November 2014

Well i am astounded.....reread this thread and thought i will do it right now.....out the kitchen i go to get a the front door turn light on ...remove rubber cork....dip the straw in and suck......its bloody great ! now i am no expert at wine making so to recap.......i made this wine four years ago, when it stopped working , i tipped it into a five gallon clear glass demi and corked off .....i placed this on the half landing of the stairs....two years it stayed there until wifey said What are you doing with this wine ...move it please its pissing me off! , so i moved it into the porch where its stayed till now, the porch is open....warm,cold, never moved it at all, so if anyone can tell me why its tastes so good please explane it to me , as i type this the taste is still there, a smooth taste ,took about four secs warm...smooth....full body. OH by the way......the goat molesting charge was thrown out.......some geordie bastard in a tranny tried to fit me up....anyway i was in abercarn that day with

I am now enjoying a full glass of elderberry wine, it really is GOOD .....raided the fridge for some cheese mature of course, feeling a bit like billy bunter.

RE: Home Brew - Skean Dhude - 5 November 2014

Surely you have hear the saying wine improves with age. It isn't new and is recommended especially when you can get into a cycle of making it.

RE: Home Brew - MaryN - 5 November 2014

Thinking about it, it may be something to do with the fact that the wine kept "breathing" in the demijohn rather than being in a vacuum in the bottles I would normally have racked it off into. (Yes, I know that is awful grammar!) No country wine I have previously made and bottled early has turned out quite so well. I shall be following my own forgetful procedure in the future.

RE: Home Brew - Straight Shooter - 5 November 2014

Yes i am aware of ageing wine SD , but never seemed to keep it long enough to be honest, i have been thinking back all day ....and remembered this , when i made it , i had loads of elderberries , to much for just one got out my beer brewing butt , then brewed the lot, this was about two thirds full, when that stopped working i tipped and filtered into the clear glass five gal demi, then i was about a gallon short of the neck ( reading the recipe again it said to fill to the TOP, so i filled it with boiled water then added the rubber cork, the colour was pink like , i though then i had buggered it up hence to time lapse....i did taste it once on thought it weak, the colour now is deep red. It is fair to say its the best i have ever made, i have used those kits and had great results ....who has.nt ....this stuff beats any of that , by pure luck, until this thread of marys that is the truth.....when i have made proper homemade wine in the past there has ALWAYS been some issues,but not with this, i would like to point out NO air lock was used in the glass demi....yes i said no air lock......MANY THANKS MARY xx

RE: Home Brew - MaryN - 5 November 2014

Crikey, S! Delighted to have been of assistance - and don't drink it all at once!