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Balaclava - Tartar Horde - 18 May 2015

I've just taken delivery of this piece of clothing in Woodland Kryptek, and for a Fiver you can't go wrong. It's very comfortable and adjustable.

RE: Balaclava - CharlesHarris - 18 May 2015

Great piece of kit. In my bags I keep the NFPA fire-resistant version used widely in the US under the hardhat for welding on construction sites, and as protective gear for wildland firw fighting. Warm, washable, soft and comfortable. I keep leather reinforced, Nomex aviator's gloves as well. Mllitary surplus can be a bargain if you shop knowledgeably.

RE: Balaclava - Skean Dhude - 19 May 2015

Ordered one just a few days ago. Always handy for the weather in the UK anyway never mind for our uses.