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Farage speaking live tonight - NorthernRaider - 16 November 2015

I would never normally make a post about a party but the MSM says Farage wants to speak in Basingstoke tonight about the paris attack

RE: Farage speaking live tonight - Geordie_Rob - 16 November 2015

How does this help us as preppers?

RE: Farage speaking live tonight - NorthernRaider - 16 November 2015

Directly not much Sir, but they way he is exposing the politically created mess that has made life much less safe for us is very interesting, he is at least exposing the flaws and vulnerabilities the Lib Lab Cons /EU are STILL carrying on with thus increasing the risk to us. At least unlike Jeremy he is trying to face down the tories sensibly. Sorry if it is offensive to you though, I don't mind if the mods delete it.

RE: Farage speaking live tonight - Geordie_Rob - 16 November 2015

It doesn't offend me. I fully intend to vote to leave the EU when we finally get the vote promised to us. Just not really anything to do with prepping

RE: Farage speaking live tonight - NorthernRaider - 16 November 2015

Yeah I admit its damn borderline , sorry folks if its out of order

RE: Farage speaking live tonight - CharlesHarris - 16 November 2015

I don't have a dog in this particular fight, but as an interested bystander, I would read with interest any discussion which relates pro or con, as it affects prepping, of the UK either opting out of the EU or staying in.

Taking the stand NOT to accept immigrants from Syria, was the correct move.

My concern is that do-gooders in the US will feel compelled to accept large numbers of them, when we already have by various counts, depending upon whose you want to believe, between 11 million and 34 million illegals from Mexico and elsewhere in the country. The impact the illegals already have here on crime and draining local government resources is dramatic. The standard of living of the average working American has steadily declined the entire time Obama has been in office. But systematic destruction of the middle class and our personal liberties has been the agenda for the fundamental transformation of America from the gitgo.

Those who express entirely valid gripes re our meddling foreign policy, can soon look forward to seeing what the new world order will look like without Uncle Sam as the World's Policeman. An expensive luxury we can non longer afford. I foresee a further rapid deterioration is Hilary gets elected, and new isolationism if Trump does.

Maybe Vladimir Putin would be more to your liking... No insult intended, only a jumpstart to discussion, I have my steel pot on, start chucking horse turds straight away!

RE: Farage speaking live tonight - NorthernRaider - 16 November 2015

In the EU = No control over who comes to the UK, No control over who can apply for a Council house, No control over migrants groups of tradesmen underbidding UK skilled workers on contract (theres a nasty dispute going on about that in Teesside TODAY), no control over criminals or extremists moving unhindered from country to country. The eventual END of our justice system that assumes INNOCENT until proven Guilty in favour of the more numerous states using the Napolionic justice system which can be interpreted as being assumed GUILTY until proven innocent. In the EU means the EU can raid every savings, current and deposit bank account if they wish like CYPRUS.

One thing about Vlad in his favour, he ALWAYS puts RUSSIA first, We need leaders like that.

RE: Farage speaking live tonight - Skean Dhude - 16 November 2015

Interesting comment. Putin isn't exactly to my liking but I prefer him over Obama and Clinton. Trump may go isolationist but I would hope, no matter how unlikely, if the UK rose up and got ride of Cameron and Corbyn he would consider keeping our relationship going. We are much closer in culture to the US than the EU.

RE: Farage speaking live tonight - NorthernRaider - 16 November 2015

If the US takes in large numbers of "" Refugees""" without 1000% totally vetting each and every one of them first, your country WILL regret it.

RE: Farage speaking live tonight - Tartar Horde - 17 November 2015

Do you honestly think the referendum will ever be given, or will the powerful vested interests that really run our country manipulate the system so we never get a say, or make damn sure it goes the way they want?