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Forum Updated - Skean Dhude - 10 December 2015

Hi, I've just updated the forum to the latest version. Removed all the Anti Spammer stuff which stopped people registering and set some new setting up to stop spammers.

Let me know if you hit any issues.

RE: Forum Updated - River Song - 10 December 2015

seems to work ok but graphically something appears wrong - there's no dividing lines - in fact it doesn't look good at all.

RE: Forum Updated - Devonian - 11 December 2015

(10 December 2015, 23:42)River Song Wrote: it doesn't look good at all.

Just different to what we are used to seeing, I'm sure it will be fine after a couple of days and will feel like its always been this way

RE: Forum Updated - iaaems - 11 December 2015

Yes - a bit different - streamlined so to speak. Possibly on the brink of 'less is more'.

O.K. by me.

RE: Forum Updated - NorthernRaider - 11 December 2015

Not bothered about the dividing lines but I do miss the round doofahs that show new posts

RE: Forum Updated - Barneyboy - 11 December 2015

Ok don't like change ,my head hurts can't cope with new stuff. argh!!! Or maybe we should adapt and move on

RE: Forum Updated - bigpaul - 11 December 2015

looks a little bland, no top banner.

RE: Forum Updated - Sunna - 11 December 2015

whens that crap picture at the top going to go.....anybody know what it is.

RE: Forum Updated - Barneyboy - 11 December 2015

Guys SD works hard on this site ,so let's say wot we think is wrong with the site without being bloody rude

RE: Forum Updated - Lightspeed - 12 December 2015

Pity we lost the new post markers, they were a good graphic time saver.