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Survival Foods For Your Garden. - Keith - 3 August 2017

Jerusalem Artichokes.

It is said that you will never starve if you are growing Jerusalem Artichokes. The Jerusalem Artichoke is a root crop & member of the sunflower family. The green foliage can be fed to stock & chooks as can the root itself. You only need one root bulb to start your crop.

Nutritional Information:

Taken from my blog here:

RE: Survival Foods For Your Garden. - WalterHarrison - 20 October 2017

I'm glad I came across this one. Thanks for sharing!

RE: Survival Foods For Your Garden. - Mortblanc - 21 October 2017

They are best planted in large plots to feed your hogs.

Yes you can eat them but there is a severe price to pay. They are universally known as the fartachoke.

They are so bad that the Nazis would not confiscate them as a food source during WW2 and many European families survived on them during the hard years of the War. They were one of the only food sources the Nazis would not confiscate.

Almost all long term survivalists have toyed with them and most then spent a large amount of time trying to get them out of their ecosystem.