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March Against Extremism - LAC - 28 October 2017

Not directly prepper related, but it's nice to know there are still many Brits with backbone who are not satisfied to just light a few candles and group hug whilst singing kumbaya!

Of course there was no TV coverage at all by the MM, which is hardly surprising as the article points out:

RE: March Against Extremism - Skean Dhude - 29 October 2017

and that is why the votes and changes to our society are such a big surprise to those that rely on the media for their information.

We are fighting back against the nanny state and the one world government. Wonder if we can get the US to supply arms to the rebels in the UK?

RE: March Against Extremism - MaryN - 29 October 2017

You say it is not directly prepper related, but you do, things have a tendency to connect in the weirdest ways!

RE: March Against Extremism - LAC - 29 October 2017

That's true Mary. What I meant was not in the sense of looking at our physical resources/supplies/provisions etc. but in the sense of keeping abreast of social/political developments then yes.

My thoughts are it will be ignored until even the tinniest incident takes place which will then be blown up out of all proportion in order to try to discredit it, or dare I say engineered to discredit it.