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Food price check - Straight Shooter - 5 September 2020

This thread is about keeping a close eye on food prices in Your supermarket , the frequency of any increase , quantity alterations ....etc , so I will kick off......Lidles .......strong white bread flour 1.5 kilos was .45p now .55p .......that’s 22.2% increase.........go ask your employer for just half that in the form of a raise .....good luck ! .......inflation coming your way .....right now .........logged 5th September 2020 .

RE: Food price check - Pete Grey - 6 September 2020

I’ve noticed that our local morrisons is cutting the number of multi-buy offers they make, raising prices on the sly, i suppose most supermarkets are doing the same.

RE: Food price check - Mortblanc - 6 September 2020

There was a sharp spike in prices right after the lockdown was announced but that was due to the drop in production, low supply. The state where I live enacted a pretty strong "price gouging" observation system and prevented a lot of needless price increase.

Now that things are back in operation the only thing I have noticed is an increase in the cost of fresh meats which has extended past the "catch up" time frame. When the processing plants opened up again they smashed us with price increases from before to after.

Pork has nearly doubled in price, and the farmer is seeing none of it.

Beef has gone from the "that's expensive" zone to the "I need to eat more than once a week!" category.

Ground beef, what you call "mince", hovers around 6 pounds a kilo and has not changed much. Pork breakfast sausage is about 5 pounds a kilo.

And they have stopped marking down meats when they sit for a day or two. They just move them to the old markdown bin at the same price.

Canned goods, frozen vegetables, staples and baking goods have not gone up.

I am still eating well, I just have to be a little more creative in my preparation to imitate some variety.