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Full Version: Birch Tar
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Just a quick post about Birch Tar and production of it.

Would be a very useful thing to know and use.

that's more like it Scythe. this could come in very handy.
That's useful, a waterproofer we can all make. Good find.
Birch is such a fantastically versatile tree, and will grow in the harshest of conditions. Sap is drinkable. Bark can be used for all kinds of construction tasks.

Cross-referring to the Ben Fogle thread, if I was that crofting family I'd be devoting the windward side of my 8 acres to planting birch, scots pine and willow. Birch for versatility, scots pine for hardiness and willow for fast-growing firewood.
Unless I missed it the article does not mention mixing Birch Tar with crushed Charcoal when using to fix things like arrowheads etc. If you use Birch Tar "neat" it becomes brittle when it hardens, the inclusion of charcoal makes the mixture more like Epoxy and it sets hard but not brittle.
just a tip.
nice one TH. one can always learn.
Interesting stuff. Pity I can't seem to find any damn birch trees near where I live!
They are all over the place. I'm surprised you can't find them at all.
Got loads of them around here, one within 30ft of where i am sitting right fire starter store !.
City life guys! might have clocked a few but it's in an urban office area so will have to check them out properly.
I can't wait to move back into the country!
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