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Full Version: Food and Brexit
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Hi Guys - Long time no see --

I've noticed that a lot of snowflakes are not getting jumpy about post Brexit and worrying about where the next supply of quinoa is coming from. Has anyone else noticed?
Well Hello bab bab baby ! ……..nice to see you back ! we will be just fine when we leave with no deal, sure there will be some pain , there again we have pain right now ! Brexit will not have that much of a effect for most on low wages , what is blatantly obvious is the fact that we need a NEW political system ….the current one is shot....maybe new parties need to be formed , lipstick on a pig ...does nothing …..its still a pig...Fear mongering does not effect me in the least...….I just slip on my Bull Shit
deflectors and slurp some H B C lol .
At the referendum there were three sets of voters. Those that wanted to Leave, those that wanted to Remain and those that were frightened into sticking the the status quo. Then we voted to leave Remainers + Wimps < Leavers. Then the catastrophes failed to materialise and those dozy wimps realised they had been lied too. Brexit has changed our political system. Many sheep have now realised that our political class lies to us daily and are only interested in what they care about. They are not happy.

Bring on the revolution. Our government are gearing up for it as they prepare for civil disobedience.
Bring it on ! I really do think they (politicians) no matter what the flag colour are completely clueless ...they even don't SEE their judgement day is going to hit them like a freight train ! get your YELLOW VEST ready , people will eat no more shit sandwiches enough is enough ! just wait and see ...sharpening my pitch folk right now !.....the word on the streets here in South Wales is NO DEAL,PAY NO MONEY, NO PROBLEM ! I hear this everywhere i go around here , if they thought LEAVE was a shock …..they have seen nothing yet !
Does anyone actually know of ANY politician, of any party, who has any experience of the real world or has ever done an honest days work, and is fit to govern us ?.
The closest I can come up with Pete is Nigel Farage …… we could start there with a degree of confidence and certainty ..…….. where would we get the same calibre of similar types ? feel free to help me out ! …… but a good start none the less imho .
(31 January 2019, 17:30)Pete Grey Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone actually know of ANY politician, of any party, who has any experience of the real world or has ever done an honest days work, and is fit to govern us ?.

If you found someone that fit the bill the status quo would spend 3-4 years trying to put them in prison. Just speaking from observation in other parts of the world.
It is strange that many of the same types who would scorn preppers for being right wing conservative nut jobs are now doing their own form of prepping, but are referring to it as stockpiling. That of course to them is different because they perceive the threat as coming from democracy loving Brits who they label as far right, and cannot see that the threat really comes from the entrenched and arrogant political class.
Well said LAC.
Trust in yourself, and in your own preps, politicians don’t care, they just want “to keep us in our place”.

Business just wants to keep make money.

The media suck up to them both.

And i’m an old cynic.
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