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Threats and Risks
Discussion on threats and risks that could effect us.
698 9,936 Brexit no deal
19 April 2019, 14:25
by Mortblanc
Some scenarios or things to think about and discuss.
236 4,907 Migrant Caravan Approachi...
29 November 2018, 01:03
by CharlesHarris
Bushcraft, Wilderness Survival and Camping related discussions. All you want to know about living in the wilds.
138 1,608 Definitions: or what the ...
58 minutes ago
by Skean Dhude
Discussions and tips on clothing.
82 1,145 Recommendations for thick...
7 November 2018, 17:19
by Straight Shooter
Communications 231 2,712 UK Walkie-talkies 2017
27 September 2018, 04:39
by Luciferknight4
Discussions on distilling.
Sub Forums:
16 137 Simplified wine making
21 November 2018, 21:09
by Straight Shooter
Discussion on food, storage, preparation and recipes.
Sub Forums:
348 3,837 Food and Brexit
6 February 2019, 19:44
by LAC
Food Production
Discussions on growing food.
130 1,150 How to make Traditional e...
9 September 2018, 12:19
by MaryN
Discussions on keeping livestock for food or utility.
Sub Forums:
Food Animals,
Non Food Animals,
Utility Animals,
Multi Purpose Animals
76 907 Meat ducks for sale
19 June 2017, 12:18
by SecretPrepper
Discussions on hunting for food.
Sub Forums:
Bows Sticks and Stones,
Hunting with Dogs,
General Hunting
365 5,099 popping pellets
Yesterday, 15:36
by Straight Shooter
Discussions on homestead and buildings related issues.
179 1,836 Table and chairs
23 October 2018, 16:59
by Mortblanc
Medical 199 2,014 We Are Borg
13 April 2019, 22:51
by Straight Shooter
Discussions on navigational techniques.
28 318 Navigating by the Stars
17 October 2018, 17:21
by Mortblanc
Discussions on organising, planning and management techniques.
74 828 useful web resource - Ope...
24 October 2017, 08:07
by WalterHarrison
Rebuilding Society
Discussions on anything to do with rebuilding a society. Everything and anything.
53 1,315 After the Snow
14 January 2019, 18:55
by Mortblanc
Discussions on all aspects of survival and prepping to do uniquely with children up to early teens.
16 200 no longer children
30 November 2017, 15:41
by CharlesHarris
Morals and Ethics
Discussions on the moral and ethical issues with survival and prepping.
65 1,367 100+ dead in London
23 September 2018, 17:10
by bigpaul
Discussions on power. The generation, transmission and storage of.
Sub Forums:
112 1,157 Solar Systems
3 October 2018, 14:40
by Straight Shooter
Discussions on sanitation issues and techniques.
49 647 Hobo Jungle
7 August 2018, 17:36
by Mortblanc
Discussion on security techniques and issues. Including the legality of techniques prior to an event.
150 2,318 simple home defense.
25 August 2018, 03:26
by CharlesHarris
Discussions on tools and techniques.
154 1,745 Do you think knife is a u...
28 March 2019, 00:15
by Mortblanc
Discussions on ready made kits or suggestions for contents of kits to do with all aspects of survival and prepping.
142 1,706 That time of year
21 January 2019, 17:37
by Pete Grey
Discussion on vehicles, fuel and their uses.
Sub Forums:
Bug Out,
157 1,916 The Stealth Scooter
Yesterday, 15:01
by Midnitemo
Discussion on techniques and tips for the collection, processing and storage of water.
79 900 Water usage with illness.
12 December 2018, 23:17
by Straight Shooter
An Open Box
No forum on the subject you want to talk about? Don't worry, start one here and we will put it in the right place or start an appropriate forum as necessary. Pure survival related stuff though. Not open for general use.
2,129 27,193 What have done towards yo...
Yesterday, 16:09
by Straight Shooter