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Posted by: Barneyboy - 11 May 2016, 21:47 - Forum: Board News - Replies (2)

Hello ,does anyone know where big Paul is ,he's not been on the site since 22 April?

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  User name COMERICA Banned
Posted by: Lightspeed - 10 May 2016, 07:27 - Forum: Board News - Replies (4)

Some strange spam suddenly appeared on the forum this morning, all from a user COMERICA.

All those posts have been deleted and I've banned the user for spamming.

Frankly I only scan read your contributions but could se absolutely zero relevance to what we discuss here.

Thank you COMERICA for your hilarious contributions.


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  Forum Articles
Posted by: Skean Dhude - 3 January 2016, 14:38 - Forum: Board News - No Replies

As you all know I am looking at moving posts that are put on the forum to the main site.

The reasons why are so that the main site is the better place for the articles as they can be indexed. The forum was always intended to be for discussion on the articles on the main site or subjects outside the scope of the main site.

To this end I am going to be duplicating articles posted in the forum since it started on the main site so we have a record of them with links back to the forum for discussion. I've updated the T&Cs for posting in the forum to reflect this.

With immediate effect I will repost articles on the main site that I think should be there and remove them from the forum and I'm going to return to visiting every day and police the forum for articles not relevant to prepping. Although with the way that many are written to just touch on prepping issues I don't want to spend to much time on that.

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  Forum Updated
Posted by: Skean Dhude - 10 December 2015, 18:07 - Forum: Board News - Replies (10)

Hi, I've just updated the forum to the latest version. Removed all the Anti Spammer stuff which stopped people registering and set some new setting up to stop spammers.

Let me know if you hit any issues.

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  Forum Downtime
Posted by: Skean Dhude - 12 March 2015, 16:15 - Forum: Board News - No Replies

I will be upgrading this site on Sunday the 15th March at 2000.

It should be unavailable for approximately an hour.

I will post an update when it is complete and the system comes back online.

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  Site Update
Posted by: Skean Dhude - 8 March 2015, 20:34 - Forum: Board News - Replies (1)

Tried to repair the user registration page on the forum and lost the entire site for a while. Sorry if you tried it earlier and it was down. Shouldn't have happened and not even sure why it happened. It has been restored to backup and I'm now looking at what went wrong and I'll try again over the next few days.

The file site is now back up and ready for use.

I'm also looking at the main site. I think I'll just have to bite the bullet and get my own server just for the main site. Will decide this week as I'm taking a weeks leave in a few weeks, have to finish the last of last years leave allowance or lose it, and I'm planning to get a few things sorted for then. Including some down time as well.

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  Forum Downtime
Posted by: Skean Dhude - 26 November 2014, 10:02 - Forum: Board News - Replies (1)

I will be moving the forum starting at 1900 on Saturday 29-Nov-2014.

The site will be offline from that time until it starts up on the new site. This will ensure no posts are lost.

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  Main Site back up
Posted by: Skean Dhude - 1 November 2014, 20:37 - Forum: Board News - Replies (23)

I've rebuilt the main site and put it back online. Leaving the file site offline atm while I check the coding.

Let me know if you notice any performance problems on here now.

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  Forum Update 9
Posted by: Skean Dhude - 8 May 2014, 17:25 - Forum: Board News - No Replies

Or to be more accurate 8 - 1. I've taken a step back.

I added a monochrome theme to the site and when people started using the theme it brought the site to its knees. I've since removed the theme and everything is going normal.

I have no idea why this site doesn't like many of the add on's I've put in place on the forum but I'm guessing it is something to do with the forum software itself.

I'm going to investigate new forum software but that will have to wait a while I'm afraid. In the meantime I'm sorry but you are all stuck with the standard colours from my sites.

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  Forum Update 8
Posted by: Skean Dhude - 5 May 2014, 12:44 - Forum: Board News - Replies (2)

Just added a dark theme in for those that found the default theme too bright for when they were working.

That completes the changes that I was making.

It can be activated by going into UserCP, where it says welcome back. Clicking on 'Edit Options' and then in the bottom right where it says 'Other Options' there is a drop down saying 'Board Style' Select the 'Frozen Designs' theme and then click 'Update Options.

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