Forum Rules
The forum has been set up to enable like minded individuals to discuss survival, prepping and self sufficiency topics and issues.

It must not be used for spamming or harrassment of others. Any spamming or harrassment using the forum in any way will result in the offenders account being disabled. We will enforce this religiously.

Data collection and use

We collect the following information to store in the database. Username, email and password. This is the minimum to create an account.

In addition you have the option, it is not compulsory, to enter your birthday, a picture, contact details and several other personal items of data.

This information is used simply to identify you on the forum. Your personal details are not shown to others at any time and your personal information is not shared with others outside of Survival UK admin. This system contains an Private Messaging system and other users can send you a message via this system although you are in control of the contact details at all times.