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Most Important Hat - Mortblanc - 4 January 2017

I wear hats. There are a half dozen hats hanging on the coat tree by the door and I almost never exit the house without a head covering.

These days my general favorite is a hat made in Brazil from old truck tarps. It is called the "real deal Brazilian tarp hat" and I have been wearing it for several years. I even got a mesh weave summer model so I wear the same style year around.

I popped it on my head to go fetch the post this morning and the thought came to me that there have been other hats down through the years and although I like my hat it is not the most important hat I have ever worn.

That duty has gone to several helmets and bump hats that kept my brains from being scattered and although I hated them they were very effective and versatile.

Ever been in a situation like that?

RE: Most Important Hat - Lightspeed - 4 January 2017

and there was me thinking I was the only one with a hat fetish... Here I have hats for all seasons, none are fashion statements, all are functional and have specific uses. Which is the most important one? Impossible to say, but probably now that I'm somewhat follicly challenged, my most important ones are winter thermal coverings:

Cold weather hats:
Beanies of various types, lumberjack hats with furry ear flaps and a particular favourite if mine, a rather natty dark green, but now a little faded, Austrian waterproof felt alpine hat. I'm only permitted to wear the last one only around the property as my wife forbids me to be seen in it in public. The lumberjack hat tends to live over the headrest of my car's driving seat in winter months... a kind of Get-Home-Hat if you will.

Trekking hats
In the GHBs we always pack hats that are season specific. Ones that's always in there though are trekking hats that we picked up at an outdoor supplies shop in the High Tatra mountains a few years ago. These are synthetic windproof material, but also breathable, with neoprene peaks. They can be scrunched up into a very small space, but offer all season protection from the elements. Not the best possible in coldest conditions but a whole lot better than nothing at all.

Wet weather hat:
Without a doubt the best wet weather hat I've ever owned is my Australian oiled leather "roo" hat. (Kind of a small leather Stetson MB) In torrential rain it keeps the wet stuff away from my face (and critically my spectacles) and stops it running into my collar.

Sun hats:
Generally baseball caps and on occasion a very old and discoloured cricket umpites hat with a green-lined brim. This is great in hot laring conditions, but is another hat that falls into my wife's dictate of forbidden to be seen in public

Utility hats
Bump hats ( discovered from this site) and construction hard hats are a must if contemplating construction work

RE: Most Important Hat - Midnitemo - 4 January 2017

I sport usually in the winter various headovers woolie hats and if its wet a Hogg's of FiFe waxed bucket hat , Summertime usually my Tilley T3 snap up hat or a baseball cap depending on what i'm upto , i have a full head of hair but keep it down to the wood so i often wear hats

RE: Most Important Hat - CharlesHarris - 4 January 2017

In summer I wear a well faded and worn US Boonie Hat, in winter it gets swapped for a Hanna Irish tweed walking hat with microfiber skull cap under it to better protect my bald head and ears...

RE: Most Important Hat - Mortblanc - 5 January 2017

Is hat wearing the norm in GB?

Over here folks almost stopped wearing hats back in the early 1960s because we had a president that did not like to mess up his pretty head of hair by wearing a hat. (JFK)

Then the Beatles came along and showing off the long hair became the style. Hats and head coverings were only the norm for the workplaces that required them and the military, at least that was how it became over here.

And around here the wearing of a hat indicated you were trying to hide something, or hide from someone and not be recognized.

Hat wearing has become more common in the past few years, I think it was partly due to a few movies where hats were part of the star's identity, like the Indianan Jones movies and a couple more.

My favored hat is one from a movie. My Tarp Hat was purchased after I saw Woody Harrelson (Not my favorite actor or person) wear one in the movie Zombeland. Bad movie, cool hat.

I wonder how many of us are bald?

It seems a common trait, but 40% of the male population over 45 is bald so nearly half of us should be of that persuasion.

I shave my head daily. Have for 20 years. I went completely bald in the 1980s but still wore a pony tail tied back from the remains until it became rediculious, then one day after a 3 day training session at Ft Massiac State Park I came back to civilization filthy and sunburned with my scalp peeling from sunburn. I took one look in the mirror at the shower house and the hair was gone when I came out.

No scalp hair since then but I did keep the beard.

RE: Most Important Hat - Barneyboy - 5 January 2017

Shaved my head when my hair was thinning aged 30 ,never looked back ,I do have a full beard,at 6.2 ft and 20 stone I do look a bit scary,but I am very nice honest

RE: Most Important Hat - Lightspeed - 6 January 2017

I hadn't reflected on hats being fashionable or not. You're right though MB hats were very fudy dudy back in the 7os and early 80s... then came along the fashion of wearing baseball caps, copied from you guys in USA

When I had a full head of hair I seldom wore hats at all. I now wear them out of necessity. Keeping warm in winter, avoiding overheating and sunburn in summer, and to protect my noggin when working in overhead environments.

RE: Most Important Hat - Mortblanc - 6 January 2017

I woke this am to find temps outdoors at -10 and the inside time a toasty 15.

The house is still warming so I am sitting here wearing a toboggan at the computer, along with a fuzzy sweater, thermals and wool socks.

There was a time when people wore caps inside, ad also to bed at night.

They say you lose 80% of your body heat out the noggin.

I have noted that when I am outside and it is chilly I will not need a jacket until it is quite cold, as long as I wear a hat.

RE: Most Important Hat - Barneyboy - 6 January 2017

The cold doesn't bother me ,I'm sitting her in socks my wife's nickers and a very nice fancy hat ,and I feel great

RE: Most Important Hat - Mortblanc - 6 January 2017

Were I married to a woman large enough for me to wear her knickers survival would no longer be a concern.

I would walk out the door, lay down on the ice, and die.