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3rd. Scythe13 £5 Project
7 June 2013, 11:40, (This post was last modified: 7 June 2013, 12:16 by Scythe13.)
3rd. Scythe13 £5 Project
This is a much more "long term" project, but you'll thank me, and buy me a cupcake because you got started.

This will be a 5 month project, so hold on to your pantaloons! We'll do a monthly breakdown, as well as a monthly step by step system.

Legal disclaimer: Don't do illegal stuff. It's naughty. I don't like people that illegalling! I joke about it, but it is just a joke. No naughty-illegalling!!!

Month 1.

1. A 5 litre Jerry can from petrol station (£4.99)
2. A penny coin to throw at some unsuspecting child (£0.01)

Step 1.

Go to petrol station (preferably one without security cameras, that you never want to return to) and tell them you've broken down. Beg for a Jerry can to 'borrow' and remember to use the words "I promise I'll bring it right back." Works best if you look smart and not like a crack-hound!

Step 2.

Offer the person behind the till £5.00 for fuel, once you have the Jerry can, then fill up with £5.00 of fuel. This is a successful day.

Step 3.

Run away in the direction you came from, otherwise it looks like you just scammed the people that work there.

Step 4. Feel ashamed that you didn't get to throw that coin at an unsuspecting child.

Step 1a.

If you cannot manage to blag the fuel can, you will need to buy one. This is recommended, as we are all law abiding citizens.

Step 2a.

Relax and drive home. You're work is complete for the month. Well done grasshopper!

Step 2b.

While driving home, wind down your window and launch your penny change at some unsuspecting child. You get 10 points if you can knock the ice cream from their hands!!!

Month 2.

Step 1.

Same as month 1.

Month 3.

Step 1.

Use petrol can from Month 1, and place £5.00 of fuel into it.

Month 4.

Step 1.

Use petrol can from month 1 and 2. Distribute a new £5.00 into month 1 can. Place remainder of fuel into can 2.

Month 5.

Step 1.

Pour £5.00 worth of fuel into fuel can from month 2.

Step 2.

Admire your new cache of about 11 litres of fuel. Magic! A typical 5 litre fuel can (the green or black ones from petrol stations) can hold nearly 6 litres of fuel.

Well done, you've just created a cache of fuel. If you've not even got a normal Jerry can, would you like to explain the reason why not? I know many places don't allow a certain amount of fuel to be stored, but that's the fun of being a prepper! Learning to solve problems!!!

If possible, try to get an ice cream in there somewhere!!!
Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism - Thomas Jefferson
Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither - Benjamin Franklin

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