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Posting and Comment Policy
29 August 2011, 10:28, (This post was last modified: 3 January 2016, 14:25 by Skean Dhude.)
Posting and Comment Policy
All threads must be relevant to survival or self reliance in the UK. They must be tailored to the requirements of the UK, if they are not generic. They must be written in plain english with little or no slang. Pictures are acceptable if they are relevant to the article and show a technique or view that aids the user to understand the article. No pictures of yourself holding trophies or doing something not related to the article.

When replying to a thread;

a) Keep on the topic
b) Have a point
c) No advertising unless relevant to the topic
d) No links to other sites unless it is relevant to the topic
e) Be considerate when talking about others (They may be human)
f) No displaying personal data
g) Don't play the man. No argumentum ad hominem
h) Keep any naughty words reasonable

Any threads or comments that do not follow all of the above will be deleted at our discretion. In addition any adverts or links placed within comments may be deleted at our discretion just because we feel like it.

Depending on the severity of the offence users that break the rules will be warned, three warnings is the maximum, or have their accounts deleted and be banned from all the Survival UK systems.

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