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Spotting scope
21 February 2012, 03:28,
Spotting scope
Optus 20 to 60 Zoom with 60mm objective lense. Comes with mini tripod & all fits in carry case. Box & paperwork included. I bought this exactly 1 year ago and then tried it out from the upstairs windows. I have not used it since. It has a 45 degree angled eyepiece which is the most user friendly variety.
One of these sold on ebay for £31 a few days ago. I will sell this to a fellow prepper for £20.#
Collect it at the Chester meet or pay for postage on top as you wish. if no interest, I will put it on ebay in 7 days. TL.
25 February 2012, 02:13,
RE: Spotting scope
This item has now been traded, swapsys for a shortwave receiver. TL.

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