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Bristol Meet Pt2
6 March 2012, 20:00,
RE: Bristol Meet Pt2
We're all going to be meeting at the National Meet pretty soon.

But is anyone is up for camping, I can literally grab my small BOB at a moments notice. I'm working this weekend, but would be up for camping next weekend. The weekend of the 17th & 18th March.

If anyone is up for it, drop me a PM.

It's a half social, half skills based thing. The basic idea is going to be a way to get away from loads of people so that we can actually talk prepping.

Fine details are being sorted out, such as......where the **** to go. There are some pretty amazing places around, but we need somewhere we can ditch the cars and move off into the woods to camp.
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25 January 2016, 18:28,
RE: Bristol Meet Pt2
im not too far
Survive the jive (youtube )
25 January 2016, 18:32,
RE: Bristol Meet Pt2
that thread is nearly 4 years old Sunna, I don't think Scythe is around any more.
25 January 2016, 18:41,
RE: Bristol Meet Pt2
I just don' know the rest
Survive the jive (youtube )

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