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Bird flu warning.
21 June 2012, 19:23,
Bird flu warning.

Not that we're surprised by this at all.
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The Market Stick
21 June 2012, 21:33,
RE: Bird flu warning.
For anyone wanting to keep an eye on infectious diseases I use
Its pretty upto date although its quite grim with what's going around.
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22 June 2012, 10:53,
RE: Bird flu warning.
(21 June 2012, 19:23)Morgan Wrote:

Not that we're surprised by this at all.

i dont think this is new news, i think its been known about for some time.
23 June 2012, 02:35,
RE: Bird flu warning.
It's worth being reminded of though. I have some inside info (real not from some blog)... and this is what has had the authorise more spooked than any of the threats we banter about.

At the time of the original bird flu emergence, the 'internal' reports from the scientists informing the World Health Organisation made for interesting reading. The ones released to the general public where moderately alarming, all though the media did a lot of sensationalising on top. But behind the scenes plans were being put in place do deal with the lack of electricity and water due to enormous staff absence... and the worst case scenario was for a 50% mortality rate in the UK!

A person I knew, got a tip off from a close relative at the WHO, that was obviously concerned enough to blab. She wouldn't let on what was said but she was visibly worried, and had been sent a document. Now, I happen to be OK with a computer, and after some erm, creative intranet surfing (and a lucky password guess), I had what she had been sent and access to much more.

And basically, worst case scenario was total collapse of society through lack of well people to run the infrastructure. With a many people dying from the off shoot of this as from the flu itself. Best case scenario... the bug never crossed to humans. The most expected scenario was mass death... 20% I think, and moderate to severe loss of sanitation power etc.

Fortunately it never hit ... but they sure where bricking it.

I think we should all be mindful of this still as well... A big bad flu is still a bigger risk than all these games with the Euro IMO.

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