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Useless yanks again
3 September 2012, 13:38,
Useless yanks again
The most powerful military in history is also the most utterly useless and inept.

3 September 2012, 14:02,
RE: Useless yanks again
Funny how friendly fire only occurs when yanks are involved.
Then they get all crinkly faced if it's one of their own that gets taken down and start screaming for blood.
One rule for them, no rights for us others.

3 September 2012, 14:21,
RE: Useless yanks again
What gets me is every bloody time they do it they immediately fly home their troops who killed the allied forces and deny us acess to them for justice. But then again in recent years I've began to believe that the US is a greater threat to peace and prosperity than Islam.
When George Bush coined the term " Axis of evil" I didnt realise America was going to lead it.

4 September 2012, 06:41,
RE: Useless yanks again
it happened during op granby (desert storm) we came to the conclusion there pilots are gun ho! dick heads , they even opened up when they could plainly see allied markings using the excuse that they thought the position or vehicles had been over run even if there was radio transmissions between forward control and mission control!!!
4 September 2012, 08:32,
RE: Useless yanks again
the yanks have always had the attitude, ever since the Wild West of" shoot first and ask questions later"!Tongue
Some people that prefer to be alone arent anti-social they just have no time for drama, stupidity and false people.

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